The Price of Fame: You’ve Been Deleted

I was notified a Wikipedia page was created about me. Then I understand it was deleted because after review it was deemed as “self promotional.” As my great-grandmother would say, “Well then!”

I think it’s actually pretty funny because when I was first alerted rather than be perturbed or upset, I actually began laughing that I’ve been forthrightly “deleted.”

I’m to understand that “self promotional” can be anything from giving too much information on a subject, to not giving enough. References and citations, or not enough foot notes can bring reason to be summoned then,”deleted.”

From what I understand the term “self promotion” is a catch-all for anything the inquisitors over seeing entries at Wikipedia see fit, and used as a default for pages built for people of interest.

However,  unbeknownst to the curators of the site, I now have something I consider more effective and fun for me to use in my (Lord forbid) – marketing.

Mark St.Cyr famous enough to have his own Wikipedia page?
Mark St.Cyr infamous for being to self promotional for a Wikipedia Page?

I actually like the sound of the latter!

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr