A Fist Full of Mark’ers update 2

I write these updates only for empirical examples as to show I’m not blowing smoke like so many others. I believe if you want to espouse thought provoking ideas or concepts; you had better be ready to put up – or shut up. To wit, I present the following.
(This will probably be the last for awhile hence the length.)

I woke Christmas day like so many of us with great delight, and expectation. Least too say I had just as wonderful surprises with my book launch as I did with the presents I unwrapped with family.

As stated in an earlier update. I expressed some results that not only were rewarding they also fell into the remarkable camp.

Some of you are aware of the ground breaking site Squidoo™. Earlier this year they moved to crack being one of the top 50 web sites in the U.S. Some will shrug their shoulders and think “So what.”

I can accept that. However, while some are focused only on what they’re familiar with – even more aren’t noticing the real disruptive changes happening everywhere. I think it’s fitting to show some statistics to give context because as I said – far too many just aren’t aware of how quickly the business landscape truly is changing.

Currently Squidoo has:

  • 17 million + US People per month
  • 21.5 million + Visits per month
  • 30.5 million + People Globally per month
  • 38 (37,989,563) Visits Globally per month
    (all stats per Quantcast™ viewed on 12/26/12 )

These current stats impressive as they appear at first glance are actually the low side. Like everywhere traffic for most sites goes down during this time of year. I myself prefer to use the lower numbers as to prove points rather than trying to fudge adding anything and everything including the neighbors kitchen sink let alone just mine.

On the morning of the 12/25 my cross reference web page (or lens) for “A Fist Full of Mark’ers”  was ranked at just over 62,000. In other words of the millions of pages (on Squidoo they’re called a Lens) I was number 62,440 from the top. I know that sounds like another shrug the shoulders moment. So let me express it using simple math using no gimmicks. Also using (as I like to say) empirical evidence.

Using myself as an example here’s a lens (or web page) I built a while ago on Squidoo that cross references my blog. (If you want to show the good – be prepared to show the ugly!)MSONS 2.5mmThat is not a misprint. That’s the actual ranking. Using 1 as the top then 2.5 million is way down there don’t you think? It should be the bottom, yet it’s not. However, let’s use that number as the bottom – this way my math and rationale has more merit. Because if there were even one lens lower – then my math would add up even better to my favor. So I believe it adds more credibility for this example.

As of 12/25/12 (Christmas morning) my 3 day old web page (or lens) on Squidoo had moved to just above 63 thousand.
FFOM 62K*footnote: the red minus and green check denotes how the site is stacking up. Green is good – red is not too good. Everything else was just because of how the screen shot was taken. It’s the numbers that are important.

So if we use my own as the benchmark or bottom of the rung. i.e., dead last. It goes like this:

  • 2.5 million divided in half is 1.25 mill or within the top 50%
  • 1.25 million divided in half is 625 thousand or in the top 25%
  • 625K divided in half is 312.5 thousand or in the top 12.5%
  • 312.5K divided in half is 156.25 thousand or in the top 6%
  • 156.25K divided in half is 78.1K putting me into the top 3%
    of all the other millions competing for rankings on the site.

As I write this update on the morning of 12/26/12. Just 1 day later. I have moved from being in the top 3% to the top 1%. Because as on this morning I moved from 62K to now 28K.FFOM 28K

  • 78.1K divided in half is 39+K  or in the top 1.5%
  • 28K puts me solid into the Top 1% of the U.S. Ranked #50 Web site.

Those are real, quantifiable numbers. Easy math. (I know I could have used a simple math equation- however, the above expresses the point better.) And it uses examples that are not cherry picked. I could have said I’m even higher if I found just how many are below my 2.5mm. However I think using examples that err on the low side beg more credibility as to express a point.

If the equivalent moves were on Amazon®, or iTunes®, I would be in the “Best Seller” or “Front Page” areas of those respective sites. Of course I’m not, but I believe they are worth putting into context.

It’s quite possible the rating could go higher. However, at this point it doesn’t matter. I only post this to show while everyone else is spouting “new” ways or ideas on how one should move in this ever changing economy and evolving business landscape you would want to see or hear from someone actually doing what he expresses to others.

Still shrugging your shoulders about the web site Squidoo? Here’s a quick point. Squidoo currently gets more traffic or visitors than: CBSnews™,DrudgeReport™, and a quite a few others that would probably surprised you.

I don’t think I would be writing a line of this, nor would have written a line of anything over the last few years had I done what most people are running around screaming and charging people for. i.e., Writing for SEO, commenting everywhere, and anywhere, engaging every social media platforms for likes, comments, and more. Redundantly spamming people via Twitter™, or blanket emails and the likes. Or placing banner ads, spamming campaigns, or what I think is down right stupid (and far too many do it) paying for followers, likes, and reviews.

So I’ll finish all this with one last point:
In the midst of his own book release which happens this month. (the 31st) And all the craziness, and requests for interviews I would imagine he has. As well as the holidays, and more. A person who is arguably single handily changing (or causing a ruckus) in the publishing world. Who doesn’t allow comments on his site, (as well as I) went out of his way to be the first one to post a comment on the most visible place where my book is referenced.

Seth's Comment on my bookYou can’t buy (or have the audacity to ask) for that. Especially in this time period. Which makes me even more grateful. It’s far more gratifying (as well as humbling) when you look and out of the blue – there it is.

I must say so far, I’m still pretty amazed. But there’s much more to do. Stay tuned.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr

Please note: The Icarus Deception “How high will you fly?” by Seth Godin (2012 Portfolio/Penguin) will be released and available at retailers everywhere December 31st. I highly recommend you go out and get it. I personally have already read it, and as everything Seth puts out – it’s once again a home run.