A Fist Full of Mark’ers update

When I first proposed releasing this book the date, the price, and a few other parts were met with not only skepticism but with quite a few snickers. Here’s a few: (I’ll keep this lite for brevity’s sake)

  • “You’re crazy. No one is going to even go to your site let alone download a book. People are in holiday mode. Postpone it.”
  • “Free? Why would you release something for free? I thought the purpose of a book was to make money? Sounds foolish if you ask me.”
  • “Without a media campaign, or book signing event to get some press no one will know about it let alone spread it. I would re-think your strategy if I were you.”
  • How will you get anyone to see it 3 days before Christmas? Everyone’s shopped out and the last thing they’re going to look at let alone go to is another site for any reason.”
  • Nobody will see this without a mass email or banner ads or something. You might not want to spam – but 1 out of million is better than zero out of none right?”

I could go on but you get the point. So here’s just a quick update of what has happened:

  • Within the first 24hrs (The most important time frame to get an idea if you might be right or wrong) the book was downloaded 100’s of times in over 13 countries.

They are US – Canada – Singapore – India – Italy – Spain – UK – Turkey – France – Japan – Taiwan – Malaysia – Netherlands (There have been many more since)

  • Traffic to my site in a time everyone agrees is the slowest time of the year for anything not shopping related (3 days before Christmas) has exploded over normal traffic. And is still amazing me with new viewers, and subscribers.
  • Although currently the US is leading my stats in traffic I am absolutely astounded by the international traffic downloading my book.
  • The idea of allowing the book to be spread, or passed on unencumbered by not trying to trick people into filling out forms, getting a credit card, or some other gimmick as to try to capture data seems to have its merits. The traffic stamps that assessment.
  • For those that understand the numbers, formulations, calculations and more used by the industry itself. It could be argued that my release is on par if not better than most book launches of authors trying to be on some “Best Seller” list. All done by not only avoiding their methodology, but by avoiding the industry as a whole. (It’s actually not that difficult to buy yourself onto or game the system of most best seller lists if you want to take that route, and is routinely done by more authors than one might think. Yes…even that “Best Seller” list.)

Again for brevity I’ll stop here.

I would just like to conclude with this. Everyone that told me I was nuts, said I didn’t understand the business, went out of their way to express doubts in my reasoning’s and more have been quietly silenced by you. I do not have the words to express how grateful I am to each, and every one of you for making what I’m typing at this moment possible. You have made this Christmas for me one of my life’s best. I am at a loss for words. And for those of you whom know me. That’s rare indeed.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr