The True Test of Impact: People Notice When You’re Gone

Yesterday Zig Ziglar passed away. For many it’s a shoulder shrugging moment, yet for quite a few others – it’s a moment.

Personally I’ve been involved in the so-called “motivation” genre for quite a few years one way or another. Whether working at a radio station that played, and promoted the works of people like Zig and others. Or by listening to books on tapes, Cd’s, and more constantly in my “university on wheels” as coined by Mr. Ziglar.

I’ve seem Zig live many times throughout my career. Zig still holds classes in my vehicles. I’ve learned and continue to learn a great deal. The industry of sales training, motivation, and more is full of “snake oil”  stylized sale people. Zig Ziglar was none of those.

The landscape is littered with flash in the pans or one hit wonders. The music industry has their versions of it. As does art, and countless others. But they’re called one hit wonders, or one trick ponies for exactly that reason. Here today – gone later today.

Zig’s work from decades ago is still as relevant, still as useful, and still as helpful to the people that listened to him decades ago, as people listening today for the first time. He’s had an enormous impact on countless salespeople, and more for decades. A true measurement to his message of honesty, and integrity.

In a world currently obsessed with a “notice me I’m here” mentality as expressed with social media updates every 10 seconds. What so many forget or don’t realize is the true test is not only being noticed while you’re here. But noticed just as much when you’re gone.

Gods speed Mr. Ziglar. And Thank You.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr