Just When You Thought The End Was Near

Everyone thinks the apocalypse is nearly upon us. So in my true contrarian form I decided to release my book (more details to follow) on December 22. 2012. The day after the Mayan scheduled end of the world.

What better date could one hope for to empirically state, and prove one practices what they preach? All the nay-sayer’s, chicken little’s, and more may be correct that all is for naught. However, even in the face of the end of the world I’m staying motivated, making plans, and ready to execute those plans. Regardless of the doom and gloom crowd. And so should you!

If we’re all here on the 22’nd then we should look at the world as giving us the greatest opportunities to chase our dreams. After all, wouldn’t it be proof the worst is behind us? Surviving the end of the world leaves little to no excuses as to not pursue your dreams what ever they may be. Unless you just want to make up more.

Go! (I know I am)

(The working book cover)

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr