Elections Matter More Than Any Predictions

On November 6th, 2012 Americans went to the polls and cast their ballots. This fundamental civil right, and duty of being an American was fulfilled. A President was elected without incident. This alone in such a politically charged, super storm ravaged, divisive campaign is both remarkable, and commendable. However – now comes the real work.

Whether you were an Obama or Romney voter only one thing is clear. Far, far, far, too much had been pushed beyond election day as to deal with it after. That “after” is now here starring every single entrepreneur squarely in the eye. As I related above: We have a lot of work to do – and it begins today.

The manner in which we deal with these issues will be written into the history books. Then later pointed to by historians. However that will be for those historians, many not yet born to pontificate. What we did, how we did it, and whether it worked or not is for time to tell. Our job is to actually do those very things.

Because of the uncertainty or implications in this election, entrepreneurs had the legitimate excuse as to wait on starting, or implementing. Those excuses have now become moot. We now have facts. Interpret what these facts mean to you – how you need to apply them – and move. The time for contemplation is over.

As I have stated many times there comes a point when the talking ceases to be both helpful, or relevant. Now it’s entirely about doing. Regardless what party or political persuasion you align with. The time for entrepreneurs to move is now!

It’s time to start that business, or expand it. There is no other alternative.


© 2012 Mark St.Cyr