Adventures In Stupidity aka The NYC Marathon

I can’t help but start with a quote I quipped a while ago when I would be either joking with someone or I was trying to politely express my bewilderment to someones statements or actions. However today I don’t say it with tongue in cheek. I truly mean it.

“Some look at things and ask why…I look at some things and say: You have got to be kidding me!” (It was hard not to type the F bomb)

We find up until the last moments the Mayor of New York City was still fixated that the marathon would take place on Tuesday. In some convoluted rationale he tried to make his case to proceed with the marathon as some form of noble gesture. Noble doesn’t come to mind. A sheer act of stupidity along with his indignant demeanor for anyone questioning his actions is what was more on display than anything else.

As disgusting as all that was I feel just as much blame needs to be pointed at The NY Road Runners, ING, and the runners themselves who were going to participate. The blame for this debacle and the channeling of Marie Antoinette rests squarely on them. Only one axiom seems to be fitting: “Have you no shame?”

There are so many issues one could check off or point to as not only improper, but viewed with utter revulsion. So I’ll touch upon only some, otherwise I could fill the pages of a book having enough left for a sequel of this real life version of some Hunger Games movie.

It is near unimaginable the self-absorption any club, person, or business would have to knowingly set up tents, porta-potties, generators, water supplies, and more while right alongside their fellow New Yorker’s are dumpster diving with their children because they have no food, no water, no power, or sanitary facilities to use. All the while hiding behind some ill-gotten cloak of protection in the form of “We’re not taking away from any resources.” Are you really that foolish?

What I don’t understand while at the same time infuriates me is the total disregard for their fellow New Yorker’s by the Road Runner Club itself. If any organization should have been the first to either declare out right cancellation, or at the least postponement. It should have been this group.

The people who run this organization are right there. They know, they see – yet didn’t care. Nope, set up the starting gate nearly on top of where 2 people lost their lives. I can only hope the board of ING squirmed as they seen their logo displayed proudly over what could be regarded as a grave marker. Their silence in this debacle was deafening, yet spoke volumes.

The both of them should have been the first, and most vocal groups advocating the use of tents, generators, supplies, or any other resources available to be used for helping anyone in need. After all they were setting all this up at Staten Island. The hardest hit with the highest death count that is still rising! Oh no, not that. We have a race to run!

Maybe they were going to offer assistance by instructing runners to keep a sharp eye as to point out any location where some family might find their missing, because all the bodies have yet to be recovered or found. After all, it’s the least they can do right?

Then there are the runners who were going to participate. The runners from foreign lands can be exonerated. They don’t know or quite understand. However, Americans who were to partake, let alone any New Yorker’s. Every single one of you know better. If you would have partaken in that race you would be pinning a badge of shame on your chest that would never, ever, be forgotten or removable.

I have seen some news reports where runners are expressing their distress for the amount of money they spent to get to the race, and how inconvenienced  they are, and more. Let me enlighten a few to something that just seems to be eluding them. Some of your fellow Americans have lost their homes, family members, jobs, and are starving without food or fresh water.

Currently as you express your inconvenience there is also no timeline for them on when or where they might get adequate help or at the very least – find shelter for themselves, and their children. Yet you runners are talking to television cameras to express your hardship? Are you that uncaring, and self-absorbed?

On top of all of this is the absurd defense of the marathon still taking place after the tragedy of Sept. 11. 2001. Here is the most pathetic reasoning or rationale put forward by both politicians, and participants alike.

First off what part of the time frame of September to November eludes them? Do they no longer teach the difference of time frame between months or days any longer? Must be all that new math I don’t understand.

By all the reasoning given by politicians and participants one can’t help but think if the marathon were scheduled for Sept. 15th, they would have set the starting gate on top of the rubble. Justifying it as “giving New Yorker’s back a feeling of normalcy.” So unimaginable, yet with what has been currently displayed – is it so far-fetched?

For anyone whom participates in both The Runners Club, or anything else in regards to the NYC Marathon. You should be demanding the resignation of every board member or person involved in the decision making process of allowing, and pushing for the marathon to go forward.

Every single participant that dons a running badge is directly tied to the disgusting display of not only insensitivity to their fellow New Yorker’s; but the sheer arrogance, and stupidity of their decisions and handling of this whole affair.

If you continue, or are to partake in this event. Even at a later date while the current leadership remains. Then that badge you once looked at with pride will be to the rest of us you’re badge of shame. Think about it.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr