F.T.W.S.I.J.D.G.I.G.T.- Building Your Business

(For those who say I just don’t get it…Get This!)

I started this category a while back because I was growing quite tired when far too many people had decided to explain to me why I was wrong – yet wouldn’t (or couldn’t) express why. Only that I was wrong because “I just didn’t get it.” Then more often than any of them cared to admit, it seemed I was closer to being correct.

Trust me, I’m the first to understand or point out calls I’ve made that have not exactly manifest the way I envisioned. Just one look at the levels being reached in the markets would show I was not only incorrect, but the term “incorrect” would be a kind term. However my reasoning wasn’t wrong.

We are currently in an age where government intervention along with the Federal Reserve have us in historic, and uncharted waters. Nobody knows how this will end, and the story is still being written. All one can do is navigate as this ship plods along. However setting your sails as if there are never going to be rogue waves, or gale winds in the future is the equivalent of economic malpractice. Yet far too many are doing exactly this.

To wit I offer another example where far too many were leaving their business structures in a more vulnerable position than they should have. Building their business solely, fundamentally reliable, or inseparable from a specific social media platform based solely because it’s free. Today’s example is again – Facebook®.

All of the sudden near overnight many “businesses” have woke to find all their connectivity with their “fans” has vanished by some reported accounts of 85% and more. Want or need to alert them to what you or your company are doing? It’s gonna cost ya! Free just became a whole lot more expensive to a whole lot of people who for lack of a better term; “Just didn’t get it.” (I just couldn’t resist typing that)

This is the fundamental issue facing so many newly minted entrepreneurs. They don’t realize that the internet tools that enable them to start, open, or for that matter operate daily can be taken away from them at any moment. If you are not paying for a particular service. Then you can’t count on it to be there today, tomorrow, or for that matter – ever again.

Business is business. There are costs to being in business – even if at the time are free. It’s how you look down the road, prepare for disruptions, make plans for expansion, calculate how others would compete, what a competitor needs to invest to offer service at your level. etc, etc. However most just think It’ll never happen. Problem is, in this ever-growing electronic world. It happens just as fast, and just as unannounced as a major storm can shut down brick and mortar establishments also.

You might not be able to prepare for every disruption – that’s normal. What is not acceptable is acting and conducting business as if there aren’t any. Or what’s most foolish of all – thinking it can’t or won’t happen to you. Just someone else.

For those interested in what is taking place with FB I suggest entering into your favorite search engine the term “Facebook to charge for promoting” that will give you many sources. I would suggest this research to anyone as to get a better grasp on what you may or may not be aware of.

And if you wish to read something I’ve written on this subject previously, here’s a link to a previous article.

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