The Prose Series: Episode 2 (Repost)

I’ve had some people ask what were the videos I removed that I was talking about in one of my posts. So I’ve posted one again since we have many new visitors coming to the blog that haven’t seen one. This blog is now visited and read in over 40 countries and still growing. And I want to take a moment to thank every single one of you for making this possible. Thank you, and there’s more surprises to come.

Below is part of a series of ideas we were working on a while back. I only did a couple.

An enhanced Audio Podcast presented in Video format.

The quick hitting no holds barred series based on “Mr. Engineer, please hit the record button and let’s go!”  Unique for its forget about edits and retakes format.

This episode features Mark’s column:
Team Building 101, Dump the Committees

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