Stop Worrying About Your Job or the Competition

Too many today are frozen with fear. Their greatest worry? Well there’s a few but here’s what I view as the top two. Their job – or their competition. It’s this type of worrying that does nothing but cause inaction.

You won’t solidify your place in a job or marketplace with worry. It only creates inertia. This is the equivalent of trying to pour concrete over your shoes as to fasten your standing or position in a market. All you’ll do is create another rest stop for the birds.

One needs to shift thinking from worrying to an attitude and philosophy of making others worry about them. If all you do is shift your focus or viewpoint from the worrying to the standpoint of making others worry, that single change alone could alleviate most of your self-imposed torments.

Far too many wake up one day and believe today was the day that everyone on the planet was gunning for their job or market share. I hate to be the one to inform you, but regardless of economic conditions, someone has been gunning for your job and marketplace everyday since the day you or your company started. If you think about it. The day you or your company started that’s exactly what you did – began looking and gunning to compete for work or customers. The world has never changed. Just your viewpoint.

The consistent worrying never seems to take place when a person or entity is engrossed on moving forward. (a great example today is Apple®) Too busy to look in the rear view mirror to contemplate the competition. They’re also too busy at becoming better or more valuable to their customers or employer.

It’s only when one slows down or stops doing what moved them forward does the fear of competitors come forth. (Think Yahoo®)  Why? Because the shift has moved from moving forward to a fixation on rubbernecking to see who’s gaining in the rear view mirror. This being just as dangerous as driving a car in the same fashion. Fixate on the rear while not paying attention to the front, and it’s your turn on the side of the road.

Many people will point to the statement years ago from Intel® CEO Andy Grove on worrying incessantly about the competition. However I think and believe the intent of his statement has been adulterated to mean something it wasn’t.

Yes they were worried about competition, however that worry was used to imagine or construct scenarios where they may have been vulnerable as to innovate killer gaps to keep the competition in the dust. That’s a far cry from worrying as most perceive it.

Same thinking applies to worrying on the job. You become more valuable as an employee the day you jettison the fear of losing your job to the day you begin making yourself so valuable the company fears losing you. This also simultaneously produces reasons for a favorable eye within any competitors acquisition radar.

This thinking is so valuable not because it carries or suggests some form of egotistical or hurtful “step on everyone to get mine” mentality. Rather it opens up the doors for one to do the things necessary while using ones time efficiently to actually be that person or company competitors fear.

Stop worrying about others – start making others worry about you.

Fear the competition – or be it.

It’s your choice.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr