A Time Saver Tactic – Free of Charge!

If you’re anything like me you’ve followed the political machinations when it mattered which is consistently throughout the year. Now that we’re in the middle of conventions, and more you’ve probably tuned out. I believe this is actually a smart use of ones time at this stage of the game. Is there really anything you’ll hear at this stage of the game that would make you say: “Oh I didn’t know that. I’m flipping to the other guy now!”

No matter what side of the fence you’re on, If I had to bet I would wager you already know whom you’re going to vote for. As of today I can’t think of a single reason or logical case one could make where a thinking person concerned with their business, families welfare, and more would not have already decided whom they’re going to pull the lever for.

As I watch, listen, or read the pundits on both sides recite their political diatribes, or spin cycles on anything from what was implied by the way a candidate drank their morning coffee, to world implications if they rose from bed on the left or right side this morning. The stunning admonition that both sides are clamoring for is to acquire the coveted voter of the moment – the undecided.

I’m sorry. I can not see in today’s world of instant news, instant research, and more how anyone whom considers themselves as “informed” doesn’t already know all they need to know by now. If you needed to wait and hear what these candidates have to say at their conventions before you make up your mind then you’re not as informed as you think you might be. Sorry, but that’s how I see it.

Let me use this as my example before some of you throw objects at the screen. Regardless of the candidate. If at either of these conventions for some untold reason the nominee was unable to speak. Do you mean to tell me that you wouldn’t be able to vote if the election were tomorrow? That you would be unable to decide because you didn’t have enough information? Really? I mean…Really?

There was a time where conventions were the place to get all the candidates and parties ideas in a condensed version. News sources, and access were limited while hearing ideas or more from the candidates own mouth was an important litmus test for many. But those days are far behind us. In today’s world of information overload. You can probably find a reliable source to what color socks they put on in the morning never mind stances on any given topic.

Many of you this week are dealing with a shortened work week yet the workload may still be the same or has even increased. As you try to get things accomplished you know there is going to be that person whom has an opinion on everything and wants to express to everyone they come in contact with how ‘they are informed.’

I believe you can save yourself valuable time in this shortened week with a simple question. Just politely ask…

“I don’t care whom, but have you decided already?”

If the answer comes back as “No, I’m still deciding.” or some other dribble. Just politely end the conversation as easily and quickly as you can.

Anything more and you’ll just be wasting your time.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr