We All Need Reminding: Keep Things in Perspective

All of us from time to time think the troubles we’re facing are the worst. That some problem going on in our careers or lives is insurmountable. We’ll him and haw on how rough we’re having it. How no one understands. Or we’ll pout and brood by ourselves that things aren’t fair and so forth more often than any of us would like to admit. We’re really just throwing ourselves a pity party. Sure things might seem chaotic for a myriad of reasons. They might also have some type of financial impact or other circumstances attached. However as large as these troubles may loom at times, I’m here to say they are more inline with inconveniences in life more than what we all like to call “problems” or “troubles.”

I know I’m splitting hairs on the dictatorial definition of words here, but I just want to offer a bit of perspective.

Today my wife’s colleague delivered her baby premature – months premature. She was unable to hold through her pregnancy. She has been hospitalized and bed ridden for the last several weeks as to try to hold and not deliver early. She was told she would be bedridden, unable to even lift herself to wash her face for the remainder of her term. Imagine not being able to move from a bed for any reason, not even the ability to sit up for months. All for the possibility, not guarantee, but the hope that it might work out. That is a true decision of consequence.

Although everyone had their idea of what to do, the baby had his. He was delivered today weighing just 2 pounds, 7 ounces. As of now everything is as best it can be. But let’s not sugar coat anything here, we’re adults and we know what’s at stake regardless of how new or technologically advanced this hospital is. Somethings are just not in our hands, there in another’s. Period.

Years back I myself went through a similar crisis. My nephew Tyler was born under similar circumstances. We spent months visiting the hospital. Everyday was a gift that he was there to visit. After he was released every time he had the inkling of a cold or something else all that went through anyone’s mind was “Oh no!” In the end everything turned out right and he’s a great big boy nearing his 18th birthday. Not a hint of anything he went through in his birth.

On my wife’s side again a similar situation only with twins. Once again, everyone involved moved through into adulthood with no impressions of their early challenges ever carrying forward. Both are healthy and children of their own.

We can only hope that the same will result here. We do our best, put our faith in doctor’s and others hands, and pray for the best. Sometimes that is all one can do, literally. These are true problems. Problems that require real soul-searching, strength, and so much more that resides in all of us yet sometimes takes life changing events to pull the best of us out.

So next time we’re thinking about how we got shafted in not getting that promotion. Or we whine about how there just seems to be more month left than money. Remember, as long as your feet are still above the ground, all of it, and I mean ALL of it, is more in the line with an inconvenience. Because no matter how insurmountable your “problems” might seem at any given time. As long as you are breathing, you have the possibility of taking some form of corrective action. You might not like the action, you may not want to do the action, but it’s within your prerogative to act or do so.

Not having the ability to live. That is a true problem. The rest is only  inconveniences. And many of us need to remind ourselves of that more often than I dare to admit myself.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr

I included some photos of the lobby where I was sitting. This is a brand new facility at the University of Kentucky Hospital. I have to say coming from Boston where some of the finest teaching hospitals in the world reside, and I still fly back and forth to visit my own Doctor for routine visits. (Both my Dr. and Dentist use me as an example all the time as in : “If my patient can be here from KY on time for his appointments, why can’t you?) Although success has allowed me that privilege, I’m rethinking that as of today. I was truly amazed at this facility.

Lobby looking down and left
Lobby looking to right. Yes in the right that is a person playing a grand piano. Talk about ambiance! Where’s the waiter?
from seat in lobby
Where the 2 above photos were taken is at that glassed rail across the aisle. Where I’m sitting I’ve crossed lanes of traffic smaller to get to that rail.
Here’s a photo of that aisle. Yet to give it better perspective see the photo below.
I was taking pictures from the chair furthest to to left. You can only see it partially because the shot was so wide I couldn’t fit it in!
This is again the aisle above only with a shuttle. That’s a 6 person shuttle you can board so you need not walk if you are having difficulties. It’s on par with what you see at an airport. Look how small relative to the size of the aisle. I was just dumbfounded.
Last one. As we we’re leaving to go cross the sky bridge to our cars this is the main concourse as you come from the ground lobby to our floor. I’ve seen airports with less room to walk freely than here. So wide I could not get wall to wall in the shot. Simply amazing.
View from the sky bridge looking at the main entrance. You can see off in the distance anther sky bridge joining the east side. The size and scope of this facility just left me awestruck. Coming from Boston I can be hard to impress. I was more than that when I saw this facility.