(For those who say I just don’t get it…Get this!)

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Although I agree with that philosophy I thought I’d share some data points and thoughts of my own in regards to “impressions.”

As many of you know I’ll be presenting at the Carnegie Center next month. I was asked to make a presentation on “The Business of Writing.” Personally I’m honored while at the same time humbled because it wasn’t that long ago when I expressed thoughts to peers and family that I wanted to retire at age 45 then possibly write or make speeches. Most just rolled their eyes. Yet here I am. I’m not making this statement to be braggadocios. I’m stating this as to give context for others so that when you decide to make bold statements about what you want to accomplish you’ll not allow the “You can’t do that. What do you know about that?” crowd hinder your aspirations. So on that note I thought I would share some data points compiled by StreetCry Media (yes my media arm) in preparation for the event. Here’s some data points: (Please pardon the repeating My, My, My. It’s only for context.)

My articles or writings on any given subject now produces nearly 1 Million impressions on the web. Although this number is subjective, it’s based on the same repeatable search criteria we used when the results came back with little more than 100 or so when I first started. Are they all in reference to me? Of course not. But when you can go (and we have) some 15 to 20 pages deep using our search criteria with few repeating sources, the rest no matter how many or few becomes irrelevant. These results don’t include people accessing via my App or iTunes® or RSS feeds and more. The number could be greater, but I feel my case and reasoning’s are served better if I left out rather than trying to add anything and everything.

The term”impressions” is clearly subjective. Think of it in terms similar to an Arbitron® way of calculating how far your depth of reach is. If a radio is placed in a town square. It’s not counted as 1. There are formulas based on how many people pass by and so forth. If you’re on the cover of a magazine on newsstands world-wide but only sell 1. It’s about how many people may have seen the cover. That’s why I use the term “impression.” My articles at any given time can and have been referenced by not only literally hundred of independent blogs worldwide, but also by some of the worlds largest media sources today such as USAToday.com, AOL news (that’s also the Huffington Post) and others. Below is an example…

Just to show I’m not blowing smoke.

While the Social media industry will make a case that you need to on the first page of search results to be effective, Google® itself has netted results implying that many are now favoring second page results as a key because the first page more or less feels gamed by SEO tricks. I have results on certain topics where we stopped at 15 pages deep with very few repeating sources. They’ve been referenced in foreign language sources, and I even turned up on a coffeehouse blog in Utah. You never know where your work will turn up.

27 and counting

My blog is now read by visitors from 27 Countries, and counting.
It’s also important not only where you’re being read, but what people whom I personally hold as inspirational might be saying about me on the web.

When I first saw this, you might say I was a little more than humbled.

Although these are milestones along the way the reason why I feel they are important is this; Every so-called social media guru and others will tell you in order to grow your business or anything else you not only have to do it this way, that way, or their way or you just don’t get it. I offer as empirical proof that most of them have no clue except how to repeat what they heard someone else say. As of this writing here’s a short list of what they’ll tell you in order to be taken seriously. You must have or do the following:

  1. You must use Facebook®…..I don’t.
  2. You must use Twitter®………I don’t.
  3. You must use LinkedIn®……I don’t.
  4. You must allow comments….I don’t.
  5. You must write for SEO’s (Search Engine Optimization)………I don’t.
  6. You must comment on others stories and blogs relentlessly……I don’t.
  7. People won’t read more than 100 words..My articles average 500-750 (my most widely read column to date nears 1250!)
  8. If you’re not an English major you need an editor…I’m lucky if I can spell editor half the time.
  9. You need to link to others so they’ll link to you….I only link if I feel my reader needs the reference for more information or context. Not to “game” readers.
  10. I’ll stop here, I think you see my point.

I would just like to close with this statement. I have always valued and hold in the highest regard the intellectual capacity of you the reader. I never have, and never will take for granted or assume that you can’t see, or smell BS from a mile away. Whether I’m right, wrong, close, or way off base. I’ll only write or say what I truly think and let you decide if it’s worth anything. It’s the only thing I know how to do. And once again I thank every one of you for making this post possible.



© 2012 Mark St.Cyr