Everything Just Changed – Or Did It?

Many will wake this morning thinking their world has changed. Some will be ecstatic with the changes for this new dawn. Others will perceive the morning with dim light and dark clouds for the sun might never shine again. And for more than just a few, it’s the same as always because that’s what it’s like if you keep your head in the sand.

Of course this is all in reference to the rulings from the Supreme Court on what is now known as “Obama Care.” But unlike most the entrepreneur will view this all quite differently for one simple reason: No matter what in the world is happening the entrepreneur will survey the landscape, make the adjustments called for, jettison projects that were as of yesterday most promising to forge new plans that as of today meet the criteria at hand. That’s why we’re entrepreneurs. We are in control of our lives and livelihood. If we need to change we’ll change if that’s the plan of action. However what we won’t do is him and haw that’s somethings fair or unfair. Probably the greatest most freeing factor of self direction is that freedom. Don’t ever take it for granted.

This is not a rant or screed about the politics of the day. For that I have no comment. That is for every individual to decide for themselves. This is about how the entrepreneur will move during turbulent times no matter if they be political, economic, or both. The power in how and what you’ll decide to do rests within your own hands, not with someone else. Their will always be great challenges, total destruction of previous economic models and more. So what. It’s our position in this world to make sure what ever the circumstances not only will we survive, but we’ll thrive because that’s who we are.

As I watched and listened to the so-called “smart crowd” across all media formats, all I heard was doom and gloom for everyone. I say that might be the thinking for people whom don’t want to take the wheel of their own ship – but not for me – and I believe not you either.

No matter how others look at the state of affairs we still reside in a 15 TRILLION dollar economy. It is up to the entrepreneur to decide how they want to interact with it for their own prosperity because that is their decision. That’s why we’re entrepreneurs not mere workers or employees. Self direction for monetary gain in a vocation of our own choosing is whom we are regardless of what the world puts before us. There will be winners and losers in any economy regardless. Entrepreneurs are the ones who decide to take up the challenges and be on the winning side unlike so many others whom will wake this morning and hope someone else makes the right decision for them. Whether they’ll be able to afford something or not – or have a job or not – or if their family will or won’t have something. We don’t grovel for anything. We create. Period.

On my desk where I’m currently typing there are two very important items to remind me of how others met challenges in the worst of times. I have a First edition, First Printing of Napoleon Hills seminal work Think and Grow Rich of 1937. Many are aware that this book has sold millions upon millions of copies, and read by even more through shared gifts. However this one represents when not even Mr. Hill himself knew if anyone would even read it. It’s the first printing and was being released for sale in the depths of the Great Depression. How many people do you think told him including the publishers that thinking in riches during that malaise was foolish? Better to be looking for a job and try to survive was the call of his time also.

The other is a free standing plaque I had made that bears a passage I lifted from a book authored by Andrew Carnegie in 1902 The Empire of Business (Yes I own a first edition of this also) it reads:

“The businessman pure and simple plunges into and tosses upon the waves of human affairs without a life preserver in the shape of salary…He Risks All!”
(The emphasis was mine)

Hopefully you see my point. I offer not pie in the sky thinking but a tangible lesson of history. It is up to you and I to act on and within the circumstances of the times nothing more. But it’s our decision to act, so act if you will, or huddle with the doom and gloomers because there is always a spot on the floor at their abode.

I choose to have a seat at the table with the my fellow entrepreneurs.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr