A Weekend Musing That’s Not Amusing

As we go into this weekend one would think all is calm on all fronts. However they’re not.

This weekend could prove to be a pivotal weekend for many things financial. Greece will be once again voting on things that not only will affect themselves, but could infect world markets with who knows what.

Once again everywhere I turn to look talking heads, writers et al. are spinning this or that into such a piece of patch cloth I think a moth would disdain the flavors. Just so I’m clear, I’m not calling for the Mayan’s to come waltzing back to take a bow before the curtain collapses. What I’m trying to convey is all the “brainiacs” that told anyone within ear shot that the Euro would never break up, that Greece was solved, that the financial markets are safe and more, are pointing to the markets rising today as some type of hook as to hang their hats stating “See, the markets have no fear of Europe.

I’m not a markets or financial analyst. Nor do I want to be. However what is most important to me is just conveying my thoughts to my subscribers and anyone else whom may have just found my writings for the first time. I created this forum as to express both my current thoughts, workshops, writings, or other endeavors while at the same time give thoughts and ideas from my viewpoint about many other subjects I see or feel need addressing because either nobody else is, can’t, or won’t.

Just to give an example my thoughts that I posted here on what I would have had Mr. Dimon of JPM say at his initial press conference rather than what he did and why was picked up by some of the most highly read financial sites across the web for professional traders. One of the most popular read Forex professional sites carried my thoughts for their readers. (That was quite exhilarating for me to say the least) The Forex market (i.e. currency markets) is 10 times larger in scale than ALL the world’s stock market exchanges combined. I state this not to brag, but to show a point. “Clearly articulated actionable advice has no boundary.” I’m noted for saying that because it’s true. So never let someone force their opinion on you. If you study and look for real answers you have just as much of a right to point out their follies and call them on it as they do. Regardless whom they might be.

Today the markets are rising but not for the right reasons. I could go on at length why, but this isn’t a financial blog nor do I want it to become one. I speak about markets only in the framework that if one wants to be an entrepreneur than you can not afford to turn a deaf or naive ear to them. It is empirical to business at any level to have a working knowledge or understanding of them, even if you only have a lemonade stand.

This weekend can be anything from a water shed moment where the clouds break and the sun lights the heavens, to the grey skies turning to storm clouds releasing a deluge of down pouring rain culminating into raging torrents. Just what ever this weekend might bring at least we’ll be watching the horizon for warning signs.

Most others will have their heads in the sand.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr