En Guard

There are times no matter what the subject matter you’ll find someone trying to inject their topic du jour for their own agenda. You can see it coming a mile away because it just doesn’t fit into the conversation at hand. Someone will assertively ask a question then during the stunned pause proceed to give their own rehearsed answer leaving everyone with that “say what?” look on their faces. They use this tactic with purpose. It’s similar to someone setting up a T-Ball so they can swing away nothing more. Some do this to create an opportunity to begin proselytizing. Others because they only want to challenge someone to a duel of verbal fencing.

I was in a discussion with a few others where the subject matter was about fast cars, trucks, boats, and alike. Personally I have an affection for anything with a big motor. So there we were bantering back and forth amongst ourselves between brands, models, boats, planes, and so forth when out of no where like a jet fueled dragster this person inserted themself into the conversation asking us if we cared about what a waste of resources our choices in toys had. I think they became enraged when I said my truck had a V-10, 8 liter, Viper motor in it and stated you don’t have a vehicle like that if you worried about mpg’s or the price of gas, but in comparison to boats or planes it’s more like a Prius.

At first they tried to box myself and the others into a corner with the effects on global warming from the pollution these vehicles caused. Then the conversation went further and next thing we knew the discussion had morphed into the effects of food additives, fluoride in water, and more. Finally I decided this was not the place nor the time to discuss these matters. We were either just enabling this persons need for attention or being too polite so this person could mount their soap box to espouse their personal agenda. I waited for my moment and made my move. I said, “Well if facts are to be the case…before we put fluoride in water, put pollutants in the air, and became obese, we had a life expectancy of about 45. Now we are up to around 75 and still climbing. And might I remind you that we really took off in living longer after one of the worlds greatest inventions?” Indignantly they responded, “You must mean the advancements in medicine right?“…I said…“No, Twinkies! Just look at the time line. Think about it.” Right there the conversation ended when the offending party decided that speaking to us any further was a waste of their time and left in a huff.

Touche’ I said to myself. Touche’.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr