Sometimes You Have to Think Quick

As some of you know I’ve had a pretty adventurous life growing up. Up and downs were the norm along with watching first hand some friends go through the same. Some use the term “friends” to infer they actually know someone however their actual contact can be used in a game of Six Degrees of Separation. It’s like they see some star at a coffee shop whipped out their iPhone® for a photo and now recounts of the encounter morph from a happenstance of chance to a description of them having coffee and hanging out with their buddy “the star.” The same happens in the motivation industry by many speakers. They have their picture taken at some event with someone of significance and now from the stage they tout facts and references as if they had gone on a year-long sabbatical into the wilderness alone with them as to contemplate the wisdom to be passed on to the mortals. From my viewpoint it’s down right laughable to sometimes pathetic what I hear and see. So with all that in mind I thought some of you might get a chuckle at my expense which happened a few weeks ago, and how yours truly handled it.

As some of you know I’ve referenced and told the story how when both myself and some friends years ago were having difficulties at the same time while aspiring for what many presume as unattainable “Brass Rings.” Mine for business and early retirement, theirs as rock stars. I relate this story because of the powerful impact it has on so many whom think their dreams are unattainable. I speak or reference the matter as not to brag, but in relating to others the real situations from first hand knowledge and contact so they can possibly make application of it which is far more important to me than telling someone, yes you can do it, because I read somewhere in someones book that you can.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had contact with my friends but the other week they were headlining a concert here at the arena. (Rupp Arena) I at first thought I’d buy a meet and greet ticket and show up where I would surprise them, but they were sold out. So I decided I would just make my way down to the arena and get back stage and see them. It was funny is retrospect because of the ease I had getting into areas others can’t. So there I am down amongst the tour buses looking for theirs. I was astounded on how many there were! It was a big show with multiple acts but they hadn’t arrived yet. So I decide I’d go into the arena where they’re setting up. I was on the floor of the arena at the stage as the crews were hoisting the lights and sound system. I was walking and talking amongst the crew (being a former musician myself I have a good rapport with most crews) when a woman approached me and asked “Can I help you?” I said yes are you affiliated with the band? She said yes. So I said great I need a favor. Can you get a message to them from me so they know I’m here and blah, blah, blah? She said sure just come this way. So I followed her and she took the information and said she would give it to them but they weren’t due in till much later that day. Then she proceeded to direct me to a door that once through it I was what one might call “Out The Door!” I was laughing to myself and saying she probably threw it right in the garbage as I was out the door. How many times must she have heard that line. If I had to bet on it she was probably their road manager by her demeanor. (And skill!)

So as the day went on my wife would ask me “Did they call you?” I said no my phone hasn’t rang and they probably would never get the message. My wife was like that’s too bad because I wanted you to get some autographs for me. I laughed because I reminded her when I was hanging out with them you didn’t like it, now you want their autograph! She said, “Well they’re big stars now.” I just kept laughing.

So later that night my wife said it’s too bad you didn’t get to see them, you’re probably right she must have tossed your number in the garbage because if they knew they would call. So late that night I checked my phone because I was going to turn it off. And there was a text message “Where are you now?” I said I guess this phone doesn’t ring if it gets a text message. Looks like I missed their call. She said “Aren’t you going to call them back? You should call them back now!” I said no it’s too late. They’re probably back on the bus sleeping or on a plane. Then I followed up with…

“Well if they miss me when I’m at the Carnegie Center in August that’s their fault. One thing they won’t be able to say is I didn’t try. I mean what more could I have done? It’s not like I didn’t try to get a message to them.” My wife’s jaw is still on the floor.

Sometimes you have to think quick is all I’ll say.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr