A Memorial Day Weekend Event Worthy of Sharing the Spotlight

As we celebrate this uniquely American holiday of remembrance for those whom sacrificed for us, many will also have the ability to throw parties, enjoy cookouts, along with a myriad of others events. However for the first time in quite a while as we understand the somber reasoning why this holiday was originally created in the first place as to express our gratitude as a nation. We can also take great pleasure in the fact that against all odds, and against the backdrop of politicians and alike saying the aspirations about space for the foreseeable future is dead. There were Americans and others whom didn’t listen, and didn’t partake in the drumbeat that our space aspirations were dead.  A group of Americans and others against all odds and naysayers have successfully launched and actually docked with the space station hovering above us in outer space.

As we partake in this weekends celebrations and while remembering those whom have gone before us there are American companies, with American ingenuity, topped with the never-ending spirit that against all odds and doomsayers the American spirit of entrepreneurship, and the idea of American exceptionalism is not only alive and well, but when we reach for the stars, Nobody can hold us back but ourselves.

Congratulations SpaceX, and thank you for giving us another reason to be grateful and proud Americans.


© 2012 Mark St.Cyr