What to Do Next…Jump or Dive?

I was asked to share some thoughts for people whom are contemplating striking out on their own for PocketGreens.com
Below is what I wrote:

What to Do Next…Jump or Dive?

Making the decision to strike out on your own is a daunting task laced with questions of uncertainties that scares most from even contemplating the idea. But once you’ve made the decision to take the plunge just how you get your feet wet is probably just as important as the original decision.

Most want to just dive in head first without regards to just how deep the waters are. This is when not testing or examining just how much water there is to dive into can have the same disastrous results as thinking there’s a deep market yet finding it profitably shallow.

Then there is the technique of jumping into a market feet first. Although this may seem safer, the waters could be so deep that all you can do is tread water to stay afloat exhausting your resources.

Not kidding yourself about where you’re about to swim and doing some real research about how deep the market you want to jump into will go farther in fortifying your resolve to make the plunge and go.

After all. We’re here to make waves. Not just dip our toes.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr