Some Think I Have it Easy…”Au Contraire!”

I was speaking to someone the other day when they said, “You’ve got it easy! You retired years ago you don’t understand just how tough it is out there with competition and such these days.” (For new readers, I retired at age 45 which was 7 years ago) I said you may have a point. But if you’ll think for a minute instead of trying to berate my views just ponder this:

I decided to enter the world of public speaking. Not only is public speaking regarded as one of the most feared tasks, but it normally comes in at the number 1 position beating out the fear of dying! Place on top of that the genre of Motivational speakers is regarded as one of the most laughed at styles. (With good reasoning I’ll add.) I personally refer to most of these so-called “Guru’s” as Snake Oil salespeople. And I’m now in that field myself.

So here I am trying to single-handedly change and give credibility to a genre that I believe has lost its way. A genre that the public views as the advertisement from Wendy’s® puts into full view.

Ya think we have an image problem?

I think my decision to leave the pool behind and embark on my latest quest might be called by some nuts, but chicken won’t be one of them.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr