From an Expert in Management Perspective

One of the greatest obstacles to cross when I sit down with someone in any position of authority whether they be Board members, Chief Executives, or the Founders themselves is to make them understand that they are the avatars in which most if not all behavior will be followed. So many think they can set rules for others, yet pay no attention to these same rules or codes of conduct themselves. For some reason the “Do as I say, not as I do” mantra is regarded as if it actually works. It doesn’t, and it never has. It just makes people believe they have acquired some rarefied air status that only they can breathe. This type of thinking is so detrimental to both personnel and corporate images alike because before anyone notices, breathing rarefied air evolves into sucking wind.

If you don’t want people cheating on their expense reports, you had better not let the staff see you taking a vacation trip with the wife and kids for 3 weeks saying it’s “business.” You can’t demand restrictions on any of your own personnel while at the same time seen publicly doing exactly what you tell them is unacceptable. Not only does this not work, but in many cases will embolden some to push these very same envelopes because they fortify their reasoning with a sense of “why not, they do” mentality.

From a water cooler standpoint the recent actions happening in the political area are troubling. This is not about what political side you’re on, nor is it about politics at all. Currently we have been witnessing absolutely one of the most amazing string of debacles happening in the world of agencies or departments being caught with their pants down, or worse. One after another has been screaming across the news wires. And yet we see the CEO within days of the latest scandal on a late night show starring in a rapping spoof.

If you can not look at this situation and see the calamity of errors being created whether intentional or not without having your views being politically biased, then may I suggest a refresher course in management 101?

I think I need to offer one again faster than ever.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr