Adventures in Stupidity: HR and Passwords

What at first seemed to be an uproar has now seemingly fell below a whisper. Job applicants were being asked for their Facebook® passwords so that prospective employers could view their accounts to determine if the candidates were acceptable to hire. I will say this as clear as I possibly can so nobody can misinterpret my response. “Who on this planet thought this was not only a good idea but an acceptable request? Followed up with, “Who signed off on it, and are any of these people still employed, and if so why?”

This is what happens when HR (Human Resource) departments are left to their own devices. Does anyone with any sanity believe that the person who first thought this was a legitimate request think they would ever allow this demand on themselves? But what happens over and over and over again is that many HR departments live within their own universe. All one has to do is watch how quickly some meaningless training program that demonstrates little results will be accepted throughout an industry. If one HR dept. implemented it somewhere on the planet Earth, well then it must be unquestionably revolutionary! Hence my cynical view when I hear someone quote a new and improved version of “Left Brain, Right Brain Thinking.” These are designed and sold primarily for the HR genre. The thinking goes as such; If it’s “New and Improved” well then it must have been successful before or they wouldn’t make a newer version right? And now from coast to coast some meaningless or detrimental training program will sweep nation.

As tough as I might seem on the HR genre, they are by no means alone in their follies. I lay the blame just as hard if not harder at the so-called C level management that allows this to take place turning a blind eye to deaf ear on it.

One of the foremost considerations any corporation or business around has today is the acquisition or the retaining of talent. Talent is what propels companies forward. And if you want to start asking prospective talented people for such things as passwords to their private accounts as a condition to being hired by you, then you had better be allowing that same talent access to your own passwords and accounts to help them understand why they thought they should have applied to your firm in the first place. Because in every sense of the matter. They would be insane to supply theirs, even more so than it is as stupid for someone to ask them for theirs.

You just can’t make this stuff up!

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr