Enthusiasm Run Amok

To my niece or nephew I’m seen as old as Methuselah. To senior citizens, I’m still regarded as a kid. But to today’s sports fan I must be regarded as some form of Monk. It would seem that in this brave new world of sports celebrating by cheering, lifting a few bottles or glasses up on high to clink, or even those whom partake in the lamest of rituals the “belly bump’ is no longer acceptable to show how much you care about winning a championship. In today’s world you must overturn cars, tear down signs, riot, set couches ablaze, have multiple fights, multiple arrests, and I guess a shooting or two. I could list more but I’ll leave it there for the sake of brevity.

Last night The University of Kentucky won the NCAA Championship. It’s an absolute storybook ending to just a few years back seemed to everyone we were watching the slow motion train wreck of a great college franchise. Within 5 years this school went through coaches, controversies, and scandal that could rival a made for television drama series. And yet here they are National Champions. So how does a sports fan nowadays show their team some love? Read the above paragraph again. What a shame.

Personally I’m not a big follower of sports any longer. But don’t confuse that with my ability to jump on a bandwagon. I can hop on a bandwagon faster than most Olympic sprinters! But this seemingly blind eyed rationale of celebratory destruction I just don’t get. Call me old-fashioned but I just couldn’t see my Mother cutting me any slack in her disapproval or disgust if I were to use in a defense that the reason why myself or some friends were in jail, shot, or assaulted, was because our team won!

I watched it with the Red Sox back in Boston and was mystified on the rationale back then. The only place I ever remembered such hooliganism was when we would hear about soccer games running mad and out of control in Europe. I feel now as I did then. I just don’t get it, nor do I want too! And what’s really grating on me is watching or reading many giving hackneyed excuses why it’s not that unreasonable for crowds to act or celebrate in this manner. Excuse me but last time I looked most of these actions are listed in the penal code. I personally live close enough to the university that if it was my car they over turned I wouldn’t be thinking, “Hey we won, of course they ruined my car, Go Team!” Hopefully neither would you.

I’m ecstatic that I was here to personally witness such a remarkable event. But I find it a little ironic that I might be seen as some form of party pooper because I didn’t get drunk enough, or vandalize something that would give reason as to wake up in a jail cell.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr