Only the Best Need Apply…Yeah Right

For many this sounds like heresy. Usually the first ones to visibly demonstrate their contempt at this line of thought is anyone within an HR Department in any corporation today. Problem for most is when I begin to use their very department as my first reference to validate my thesis. (This is also where the gnashing of teeth begins.)

Let’s look at the economy as a whole today. Whether you are currently employed, seeking employment, or self-employed, you should always be on the lookout on how others are trying to attract talent. In today’s world talent, and innovation aren’t merely buzz words. They are imperative to sustainability or growth especially in today’s economic climate. Yet, how are most corporations dealing with attracting or hanging out the welcome sign to this finite resource? Well, one glaring example can be shown in one of the most important positions any organization can hire, sales! Many companies desperate for sales will openly state don’t apply for the position unless you have some alphabet soup letters after your name. If you don’t have an MBA or a BA don’t apply regardless of your track record. What a bunch of BS is all I can say. And if you dare apply they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more!) on the newest technology where a computer will just delete your resume to trash. I have been shaking my head at this idiotic way of thinking for decades. If there was an award for blatant foolishness as this, I fear we would run out of marble.

The thinking that allows this to take place and continue comes from the “corporate culture” mindset. HR gets to argue that if they didn’t apply filters then they would be over-run or burdened with the stress of having to actually read resumes and evaluate them. (Oh the horror!) However no one ever questions how or what they do in order to ensure a salesperson with a proven track record of sales at a competitor but has no degrees doesn’t slip through the cracks? Or a salesperson that has quantifiable results on being one of the best ever in their field, yet has no degree? There’s usually a lot of “ah, um, well,” at this point. But they have the answers at the ready to rationalize why they are extremely busy, and need to spend time sifting through the best of some new or improved  “Left Brain-Right Brain Hiring Procedures” to ensure they are attracting “qualified” resumes. All the while the very people who can’t get an interview contemplate starting their own company to become their greatest competitors.

It would be ironic if any contemplating that turned to starting found their competitive edge was to jettison any HR department for outside recruiters. But that’s off the top of my head, not left or right.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr