Don’t Show Me How Much You Care, Please!

Nothing sticks in my craw more often than hypocrisy. Doesn’t matter whether it’s in politics, religion, or anything else. So many times one side picks an argument saying this or that, but when no one is looking (or they think no one is) they do something to show they really don’t care about anyone else but themselves.

Many of you know from time to time I have said openly that my current residence is on par with one of the best kept properties I’ve seen. The attentive nature to provide the residents with a feeling of living on an exclusive property is proven daily by the management of the property, and by the staff from maintenance personnel to contractors that visit the property routinely.  I have been on resort properties that should take a lesson from the manager of this property. She is a walking textbook example of what a property manager should be. If you think I’m overstating my case I’ll use just one example for you to draw your own conclusions. This property once again this year won the coveted award for being the “Best.” As other properties that are also considered “exclusive” and are very desirable, many of these communities need to advertise with banners, and signs or freebies to lure in residents. Our property has up to a one year waiting list, and I know has actually been longer. Normally we are at 100% occupancy and has been that way since I personally have lived here. I know this because I routinely have casual conversations with the staff when our paths cross.

In today’s day and age of companies over promising but under performing it is refreshing to not only see the opposite first hand, but have the pleasure of living with it as a customer. But it appears not for everyone.

In an attempt to be accommodating to residents with pets there are really no restrictions for where you can walk your dog on the property. The properties only request is that you pick up any waste left by your pet. In an effort to make this chore easy to comply with, the property has spared no expense to install pet waste stations where you can easily drop it off so you needn’t walk around carrying a plastic bag full of waste as you enjoy your pet. The staff will take care of it from there. All one has to do is toss it in and no one will see it again let alone step in it. But for some, they could care less. They want the address, they want the beautiful property, they want everything that comes with it, and to show you just how much they care about you having that also, they will allow their pet that must be the size of T-Rex the privilege of leaving his waste just about in front of your door. Not their door, your door, or a neighbor’s door. What an absolutely disgusting human being this person is as far as I’m concerned. (It’s the owners fault not the pet.)

A one time instance in the middle of the night in an emergency is understandable. You can always go back later, but this is now more than once, and is being done continually even as the management is sending notices, pleading, and neighbors are now becoming outraged. But they don’t care. It continues with a brand new present today out my door. The only reason it continues is because they have yet to be caught in the act, but that window will eventually be closed.

It’s truly reprehensible when everyone from customers to providers try to show how much they care about service or respectability of living with one another, as others who say they want the same thing show everyone exactly the opposite.

Just more proof that you can’t buy class. Their actions show their classless.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr