Social Media: Part 2

Here’s something I found that adds just a little more color to what I wrote on “Social Media” Below are a few bullet points from Facebook’s IPO statement that appeared in an article by Chris Crum on WebProNews. You can read the entire article here. These are just a few of the points, the article goes on to point out many more.

From the article:

  • If we fail to retain existing users or add new users, or if our users decrease their level of engagement with Facebook, our revenue, financial results, and business may be significantly harmed;
  • We generate a substantial majority of our revenue from advertising. The loss of advertisers, or reduction in spending by advertisers with facebook, could seriously harm our business;
  • Growth in use of facebook through our mobile products, where we do not currently display ads, as a substitute for use on personal computers may negatively affect our revenue and financial results;
  • Facebook user growth and engagement on mobile devices depend upon effective operation with mobile operating systems, networks, and standards that we do not control. ;
  • We may not be successful in our efforts to grow and further monetize the facebook Platform;
  • Our business is highly competitive, and competition presents an ongoing threat to the success of our business;
  • Improper access or disclosure of our users’ information could harm our reputation and adversely affect our business;

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