(For those who say I just don’t get it….Get this!)

A while back I wrote about my thoughts when Gene Simmons was on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice and was fired in a pretty dramatic episode. As many of you know it had to do with his vision with promoting Kodak®. As of this writing Kodak has filed for bankruptcy but it doesn’t stop there. In a world where everything is changing it has become abundantly clear to anyone in the print business of any kind that if you are to actually deliver a physical product such as a photograph, newspaper, etc. that business model is just about dead. It’s not increasing but shrinking. So just when you think these CEO’s whom are supposed to be at the least “In touch” with the market show once again like music, magazines, newspapers, and others. They just don’t get it.

To back up my statement here is a quote from a Bloomberg piece on the Kodak story. As I said before in the commodity business, there is always someone to do it cheaper than you. And Printing is a commodity business, Capturing memories is not. So what is a company on its last legs to do? I submit exhibit A…

From Bloomberg.com

“Perez plans to increase Kodak’s share of the consumer inkjet printer market, which he has valued at $45 billion, by designing cheaper replacement cartridges. He wants to dominate commercial printing of magazines, books, newspapers and advertising with high volume inkjet machines that are faster and digitally flexible, to deliver smaller and more customized batches cheaper than old-tech presses and plates as the world moves toward on-demand publishing.”

Just like Vegas, when you’re going broke I guess the best strategy is to double down.

Quick someone loan me their phone. No one will ever believe this without a picture!

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