Life is About How…

“Life is about how you take it. Not how it’s served”
–Mark St.Cyr

A personal example:

I went into a restaurant to pick up a pizza I ordered. When I enter there is a very attractive girl who smiles at me from behind the counter. As I ask for my order she is very pleasant with me. She’s so pleasant that I’m starting to have those feelings that every guy has, you know the one: “Yeah, she digs me.”
She proceeds to hand me my bill but I can’t read the amount. So I look up and say “I’m sorry I can’t see the total without my glasses.” She smiles and says…“That’s OK, happens to my dad all the time.”
Ouch! I was now wondering exactly how fast can I retreat out of this place without looking like I might need a cane for my now bruised ego.
By the time I reached my car I was laughing at myself about the whole incident and proceeded to tell my wife the story as we drove off. Then as usual she put everything into perspective by saying: “It could have been worse. She could have said her grandfather.”

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