Ready, Set, Wish?

So here we are 2012 and if you ask most people (if they aren’t too hung over) they are ready to hit the ground running on all the new shiny resolutions they made 24 hours ago. As I’ve said before, this can be an exhilarating time if you go about it the right way. Does this mean the “right way” is some set of rules or doctrine laid down by some anointed resolution committee? No, your resolutions are yours. Period! How you define them, how you go about attaining them are totally subject to only the criteria you assign as the benchmarks no one else. If for some reason you didn’t even make one and want to do that today, or tomorrow, or on your birthday who cares? It’s your life, and you do with it as you please. Forget trying to fit yourself into a tradition that might make no sense to you. As long as you’re always trying to improve yourself be it with education, adventure, leisure time, family time, you get the drill. Do it to your own standards as long as you’re seeing real improvement and not kidding yourself. You’re an adult, you know when you’re fooling yourself, or don’t tell others you have when you know you really haven’t moved on a goal. Challenges are just that, challenges. All of us have some we meet and overcome. Then there are the ones we thought we would have already conquered but we fell short. If so start again where you stand. Who cares if it’s New Years Day or some other. Growth, adventure, achievement starts the day, the hour, the minute you decide it does. So decide to decide, and move! Nothing defeats wishing like faith, momentum, and resolve.

Believe it or not most of the people you will encounter throughout your life will say they are doing one thing and secretly they’ll be doing the other. Of course that sounds very simplistic and for some it rings of “duh.” But when it comes to taking hold of the reins of ones life it can’t be stressed enough why you have to know where you are going and what you’re willing to do for its attainment. So as we venture into the event horizon know as 2012 I would like you to contemplate this revealing statistic of 2011.

The #2 Top mobile search per Yahoo (or what people searched on their smart phones) was, are you ready?   “Power Ball.” It seems people who paid big bucks to have one of the most useful or powerful devices known to mankind used it more often to search for something out of their control than for something they could use to help control or improve their lives. One can search for ways to better educate ones self, or a myriad of others available for self improvement that they alone hold the power to implement. Alas, not a chance. With the greatest technological revolution in their own hands along with the unprecedented power to access the worlds data bases for knowledge, they used it to find out if their lives could be changes by wishing, hoping, and praying that some random generated combination of numbers was their ticket to freedom. What a shame.

I hope you choose Ready, Set, Go in 2012 and not the other. And by the way, it’s a winning combination regardless of the order you decide to implement it. Those are far better odds to be played than the wishing game in my book.

© 2012 Mark St.Cyr, All Rights Reserved