Leading the Pack by Walking Away

As many of you know I declared there were to be many changes here at MSC and I would like to introduce the first of many. I also believe this will more than likely be one of the most controversial and head shaking changes someone in my position and field may make. However as I’ve said many times before “Leaders lead.” I’ve done my research, weighed the evidence, surveyed the landscape, and the decision is made. So with that said beginning January 1, 2012 my website along with any of its ancillary affiliates will no longer pursue or support a dedicated “Social Media” outlet. i.e.: Facebook Page, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other you can think of. Trust me I can hear the gasps and groans from here, so I’ll give you some of my rational.

It has become glaringly obvious to me that the whole social media phenom has just about run its course for anything more than telling the world what color socks I’ve decided to wear if any at all. Another problem that is troubling is that I need or should allow a space for someone to just rant and rave about some meaningless dribble that might not even have any relevance on what I might be writing or discussing. Combine that with the hopeless “boiler room” posters whom get paid for leaving comments on other sites and blogs so they can get something monetarily by some “pay per post” racket. (which is why I have never allowed comments to be posted.) All this and I’m not even addressing the down right vulgar types that spit venom then move on for no apparent reason. I remember when I first started with Twitter. They all started following, then if I didn’t follow them they left faster than a drag racer at the lights. I can’t remember the last time I even looked at Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google. V.V. handles it, and she knows not to ask because I don’t care. As far as doing anything for me in an enterprise way, it’s been nothing more than a time waster. The only people who care how many followers or likes or any other jargon is what I like to call “The Hit Men.” (also one of my titled chapters in the new book.) I loved how Seth Godin called it “polishing.” Not in a useful way, but in a time-wasting fashion. I have to agree with him.

My Blog will still sport the relevant social buttons. I have no problem if you yourselves want to share my material with your friends and others through those mediums. You can also reprint any of my posts that appear on my blog and share them in print form with colleagues or associates. You can find the rules for reprints right here. They are also found on the right column of the site’s home page.

You might be saying “But everyone is saying social is the way to go!” And you would be correct, but I would argue that most of the people telling others they need to be in social media are the ones who make their living convincing people they need to be in social media. I just find it funny that many of these same people were touting how the iPad was going to be a big flop. That apps were some sort of novelty that would never take hold. As many of you remember I was one of very few voices back then touting that I felt the iPad would be revolutionary and I was one of the first to have his own personal dedicated Apple App along with very few others such as Seth Godin, and Guy Kawasaki. Don’t take my word for it, just look at the creation date on iTunes and that’s enough to prove I’m not playing loose with the truth. And you do have my app don’t you? It’s great, its basic, and it’s FREE! (C’mon it was so corny I just had to say it!)

There might be a point where I change my stance on this issue but for now what I said earlier stands. Subscribing by email is still one of the best ways to stay up to date on anything related to me or anything else I may be affiliated with. Also like it says on the site, we will not sell, rent or share your information with anyone. Period!

We have many things in store coming in the new year. I look at 2012 as being another ground breaking year. I will say this to all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, now let’s go make something happen!


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