Talent Not Factored

Last night I watched an episode of the X Factor. If there is something wrong in the culture it was on full display across America’s television screens.

I rarely watch any of these shows however I will say that I have the highest regard for Simon Cowell. In the world of entertainment he has proved his genius. It’s the contestants I find most disturbing.

Last night a very young girl was voted off. What happened next was jaw dropping for me. When it was announced she was voted off she immediately broke into tears, then fell to the ground whaling! At this point people from both the show and her mother hit the stage like they were assaulting the beaches at Normandy. The cameras kept rolling to capture the most telling moment of this outrageous display. The young contestant looked at her mother and yelled “You promised!…YOU PROMISED!” I guess this poor child is emblematic of the everyone gets a trophy crowd. What a pathetic display of spoiled is all I could think to myself. Then it turned even more foolish. One of the judges had broken down into tears and appeared so distraught that she seemingly couldn’t control her emotions. I kept thinking “You have got to be kidding me!”  It was all just absolutely pathetic in my opinion. No wonder some think the country’s in trouble. A talent show contestant doesn’t win the finals or get to move on and it turns into the equivalent of the Hindenburg crashing? All that was needed to finish this fiasco was to hear “Oh the humanity!”

It’s not often I guess that you can see a talent show morph into a game show and end by turning into a tragic comedy but for me one thing it’s not is entertainment.


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