A Juxtaposition You Just Can’t Make Up

Yesterday the headlines were a blaze with two stories that should give anyone either a headache or reason to run for the Prozac®.

Donald Trump a self-made billionaire is being regarded with scorn for proposing that he would like to host a presidential debate. Say what you want about your feelings on Mr. Trump but somethings are incontrovertible. He’s self-made, did it in the USA, been to the brink and recovered to go on to even greater accomplishments. He also has run and in most circles is regarded as a serious candidate for President. Although I may or may not want to watch such a debate, I see there is no reason for it to be looked upon as “a joke.” Is it really any different that the actual President doing the “Late Night” circuit?

At the same time we have the actual President of the United States of America giving a speech in which the over whelming theme is how you can no longer make it in America. That somehow all the dreams of yesterday are gone and the best we can do is get by. This is coming from the first Afro-American who broke through a stereotype that most in the world conceded to the rubric that it wasn’t plausible for at least another decade if not ever. A man who came from a broken family, self-described as coming from humble beginnings, then worked his way through the blood sport of all blood sports to capture what many of us would deem the greatest of brass rings. All this to give a speech to declare that more or less the best days are behind us. All I can say is…

This will make one interesting chapter in the history books!


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