Under a Different Type of Mistletoe

Most days start out uneventful. We get up, go through our morning rituals and then get about getting on with the rest of the day. Sometimes when the holidays come about we take notice of little things that we may or may not pay attention to in our hustle and bustle. The other morning had all the trappings of that statement for me.

As my wife was getting ready to leave I gave her a kiss goodbye. Then for some reason she looked up where she noticed a spider descending from the garage ceiling that was about a foot and a half above my head. It was a decent sized spider displaying the usual legs sprawled wide as she was descending on her silk. For us spiders are not something to be feared and when we can we don’t automatically hit them with a shoe. Personally if I have the opportunity I’ll just scoop one up on a card or something else and toss it off the back deck. I’ve always felt there’s no reason to kill it just because I can and so I went about on my version of catch and release when something caught my eye.

I noticed as I was trying to coach her onto a platter that her silk wouldn’t stretch and break like most others. Then as she was dangling and spinning I noticed what I thought to be something red. That’s when my alarm bells went off. Now with taking a little bit more caution I captured her and my assumptions were correct. She’s a Black Widow and here’s a picture of “Her Highness” on my desk.

A different type of Mistletoe.

In some respects I wish I could have thrown her off the back deck like I so often do but that’s just not an option. I gave her to the proper people so they can verify and deal with her according to their protocols. There’s only been one other instance at my residence where one has been found over the years, so that made me feel better in that it’s more of a one-off than anything else. She could have come from anywhere. She could have been in a package I’ve received, in my neighbors packages, fallen out of the delivery truck as something was being delivered, or a myriad of others. Either way, I’m sure she didn’t want to be in my garage as much as I didn’t like finding her there either. But the one thing that is for sure…

“Under the mistletoe” has a different connotation in my house these days.


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