Some Points To Ponder (Part 2)

Back in February the thought of a protest resembling anything like that happening overseas was inconceivable for many. At the time I was a lone voice on the subject and I wrote if you were in business or you were an entrepreneurial employee, that your company or firm should look into how one would handle such a disruption to business or customers. You can read the original article here.

At the time people expressed to me that the events were (or seemed) too far removed for them to even consider. Then more disruption came about in a host of different countries. I felt so strongly on the subject I ran the article again when the first signs of Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park materialized. Again people expressed they either didn’t want to hear it or they felt it wouldn’t apply to them. Then the movement ramped up shutting down businesses, smashing, looting or making it so customers would not or could not patronize them in the very epicenters I warned about. Businesses in New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, Miami, Atalanta, Lexington, Philadelphia, and many more throughout the country all of a sudden found themselves as I warned in the article trying to cross a bridge that might no longer be there.

Whether you’re a business or you’re just doing business with someone located in what is often referred to as ” A prime downtown location.” I would read or even re-read my article once again. Even I was taken back on how prescient my timing was on this subject. But then again, that’s what I get paid for.


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