Some Points to Ponder…

Now that we’re officially into the holiday season, I thought I’d throw out a few points to ponder for reflection. With changes and other projects coming up for the site along with many being in “holiday mode” here are some follow-ups on thoughts that I have expressed over the year.

Back in May of this year I wrote some of my views on the current “Social Media” fanfare. The media were a buzz with excitement. You can read my thoughts here.

It all was to kick off with LinkedIn®. I at one time had a public profile on this site because others said I needed to, or that I was missing out on valuable contacts. Although I was bombarded with linking requests and would get reports that I was linked to the equivalent of the population of Earth and the estimated habitats of the cosmos I never found any value in it personally. Then when Mr. Hoffman decided to express just how utterly foolish people like myself are about privacy concerns with his statement of “Privacy concerns are for old people.” well I just cancelled and cleared anything I had to do with LinkedIn. By the looks of it, I’m not the only one who has concerns.

All I heard was “This time it’s different!” Well, all I can say now is, “You be the judge.”

Then Came Pandora.. The FREE Internet Radio phenom:

Then of course came Groupon who told Google $6 Billion Dollars won’t buy a coupon here:

But have no fear is what I’m hearing said by the same “smart crowd.”
Facebook® is going to save everything!


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