Some Insight and Rational for Coming Changes here at MSC

On 11/11/11 I wrote a short post stating I was “ticked off” and a few other things. I also declared that I was going to do something about it. Today I’ll give you some reasoning and background for the post.

Over the years whether it be in a speech, writings, and such, I have been more often than not correct at the time, or later proven right as details unfold into plain sight for everyone else. The problem is when I’m trying to articulate an idea, concept, or strategy that doesn’t fit in with someones views or understandings the discussion no longer transpires in earnest. They’ll just take on the muse of “Yeah, right!” At one time this would infuriated me but now its only an annoyance. It changed years back when I was confronted by one of these very same people but their muse had changed to: “Holy S***! You were right!”  I just smiled.

I understand for many whom just started reading here don’t know all that much about me or what I’m referring to so I’ll try to provide a thumbnail sketch. Some people talk or use references they themselves have never experienced or done. However that doesn’t stop them from declaring through some sort of osmosis and alchemy that they are “Experts.” This description can be laid upon 99.9% of the so-called “Self Improvement” crowd. More pointedly is the finger directed at the “Motivational Speaker” genre. Some of you might be saying, “But aren’t you in that business?” The answer is both yes and no. The first part, the yes, is in response to that’s what people like myself are labeled. The second part, the no, is in response to I am not a “rah-rah, jump up and down and find the secret” stylized speaker. These are the snake oil salespeople of the business and I contend they’re doing more harm than good. All they care about is getting people to buy into the concept of: “All you have to do is wish upon a star!” followed by: “And to help you wish better buy my special Wish Upon a Star Motivation Program for just 365 easy payments of blah, blah, blah.” I’m sick of it!

This moment of disgust coincided at the same time I was watching another lame interview by one of these so-called “wicked smart” financial talking heads blather on about absolutely nothing. All he did was pose streams of rationals that covered every base in baseball, cricket, and any other sport analogy that has bases. The only umpire I felt was me because after every other sentence I was screaming to myself “Strike!” I was wishing I had the power to say on camera ” Strike three. You’re outta here!” But then the game changed.

As the interview went on the subject of the occupiers came up. (aka Occupy Wall St.) Once again words, meanings, definitions, feelings, and reasoning were fileted with such precision it would make a Ginsu® knife blush. Then I received an email from my wife. It stated that the building in which she worked where the occupiers in my home town were in front of was under a bomb threat. At first it was taken not to be that credible, a few hours later she called me from outside letting me know that they actually had just been evacuated. She has nothing to do with anything they are protesting, nor does she work for a bank. Just a case of her employer happens to lease office space in a building the occupiers don’t like. She was not fazed by the ordeal at all. I swear she has more guts in her little finger than most men of today. She won’t bow to threats. God I’m lucky she married me. But now my feelings on the occupy movement along with a few other things have changed.

I believe much of today’s consternation is from a lack of fundamentals in both personal, and business success. It has become so bastardized, and adulterated that even well-intentioned people have absolutely no clue or understanding of their own rehearsed diatribes. They’ll recite some personal mantra or some other popularly held viewpoint or philosophy with no true understanding of what they’re actually stating. Somethings has to change and I’m not waiting for anyone else to do it. I’m going to do it myself. will be changing in both style and delivery. I have had a few projects in the works but I have decided to scrap all including the release of my upcoming book. All speeches, writings, recordings, and other projects have been either halted or postponed for review and or rework. I will use the holiday season for retooling rather than just letting it pass into another photo album of holidays past. Inspired by my wife’s unshakeable dignity I decided I myself will take on the challenge of restoring sanity to the self-improvement and motivational genre. I plan on coming at this from a “no holds barred” mind-set. So trust me when I say “Things are about to change!” because they are.

I will still be posting articles over the holidays, this is just a note that the site will resemble holiday mode as of today.

Thanks to all, and buckle up. This is going to be one heck of another ride!


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