The Calender is now Marked! 11-11-11

This post is more of a public declaration for myself more than it is for you my readers, so please forgive the self-directed brevity of the post, but there is a reason for it.

I’m ticked off, and I’m sick and tired of a few things. And because of this I’ve decided to DO something about it. No, it has nothing to do with readers or people I speak to. It has everything to do with some frustration on my own part and things have come to a head. When things get me riled up for a little while it drives me both crazy, and gets me upset. However I have found throughout my life it is at these very places in time when I go through what I like to call “The Breakthrough Period.” I can point back at certain periods in time when this process seemingly comes out of nowhere. It usually gets triggered by some small incident, but then seemingly opens a door for a rush of absolute disgust with certain variables whether in business, personal life, or both. This is one of those moments.

I have posted this for all to see because I want to mark the calendar publicly. Usually this process when it occurs is for my own private measures. However this time it will be more on public display because it will be visible throughout my business dealings, and my writings.

I was storming around muttering to myself contemplating about things that I was going to do and change when I looked into the mirror and said to myself “Mark the Calender!”

Well with a date like 11-11-11. I figured there was no better way to mark it than to do it in public where it can be referenced back because at some point in time I truly think this date in my evolution will be a day to truly remember.

Stay tuned for details because everything is about to change, and for the better I promise you that!


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