[For those who say I just don’t get it…Get This!]

There are people who just love to tell you that you’re wrong. More often than not when I’m speaking or I’ve written something that doesn’t fall into their own viewpoints they can’t wait to tell me how I’m not getting something. It’s not an honest discussion with most, its more of an argument based on grade school reasoning. ( an example is “well because!” as an answer to a rebuttal) More often than not I’m proven correct because if you’re ahead of the curve, it only makes sense to them when they finally reach the curve! And nothing gets this group hotter than if I follow-up with “That’s why you need me more than you thought.”

So to this point I’ll post this from Bloomberg which ran today. I use it as exhibit A on my comments yesterday on the Occupy Wall St. crowd. (Please save the political emails. This has nothing to do with who’s in the office now or not.)

Here’s an excerpt from the original article on Bloomberg written By Frank Bass and Timothy R. Homan – Oct 19, 2011 12:00 AM ET

Embracing K Street

In recent years Washington has attracted more lobbyists and firms with an interest in the health-care overhaul and financial regulations signed into law by President Barack Obama, according to local business leaders.

“Wall Street has moved to K Street,” said Barbara Lang, president and chief executive officer of the DC Chamber of Commerce, referring to the Washington street that’s home to prominent lobbying firms. “Those two industries clearly have grown in our city.”

You can read the whole original article here: http://tinyurl.com/5vk2tvp

I am starting to think this might be a new category for the site. I would ask for their opinion first, but that would just tick them off even more.


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