Lifting a Finger to Big Brother

If you’re like me, you’ve probably shrugged off a lot of the Orwellian types who have repeated ad nauseam the perils or pitfalls from all this data that’s being collected on us. I’ve always figured it’s not unreasonable for a credit card company or others to have the data of your purchases and correlate it to better suit your spending habits or credit limits along with others. However, I’m starting to get a little concerned or to put it a bit more strongly…ticked off at just how far this all seems to be going.

What’s troubling today is the new-found revelation that opting out doesn’t actually mean you’re out. The collection and correlation can still go on. I don’t think any company has the right to follow me after I have clearly stated No by either discontinuing their service, or I have logged off their webs site. The idea that I haven’t said no by entering 3 different request forms or some other hurdle is not only ridiculous, it’s unethical, and damn near criminal also. Would it be assumed OK to stick a tracking device in my pocket when I’m leaving a store? Would it be assumed OK instead to stick it under my car if I said no to putting it on me? Under the rational being used by companies such as Facebook® or OnStar® you said no only to you, not the car, and we have yet to receive all the paperwork stating we can’t put it on you so be thankful it’s just the car.

Years back there was a court case against companies that would send out products to people who never ordered. The companies thought they were oh so clever in sending these items out while stating “If you don’t like it, just send it back, and they’ll be no charge” However most didn’t send it back. Either they threw it away, kept it, gave it away, no matter the reason they never ordered it. All of the sudden people would begin receiving notices from collection agencies looking for the money for the products. It was all a scam to legally obligate people to pay for products they never ordered. The courts agreed. It’s also why you can now throw away junk mail in confidence, no one can obligate you without your consent. Just imagine if it wasn’t!

When I discontinue a service or I sign out from some web site, am I not doing the equivalent of stating “No more, we’re done as of now?”  Since when does anyone or any company feel they have a right legally or ethically to continue gathering information by watching me either electronically or physically after I have stated No! I don’t know about you, but this whole Orwellian overhang is starting to irritate me. So from now on when ever I get the chance, I will not lift a hand to help these companies in gathering more information about me.

I’ll just raise a finger!


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