School of Hard Knocks currently #2 Greatest Alma Maters, Soon to be #1

Last year about this time Bloomberg Business Week® listed the country’s top 10 under graduate alma maters for the top CEO’s in the country. It showed that in the race for some of the highest paid, most coveted positions available, it was the drop-outs that were heading the list. It’s stunning to note that Steve Jobs whose alma mater is #2 turned his company into the #1 worlds largest market cap company. And need I say Mr. Bill Gates is also in that group of drop-outs?

The reason why I feel so strongly on this subject is due to the turmoil facing companies, and entrepreneurs everywhere. The world is changing under everyone’s feet. However, most feel this shift and have no understanding on what or why it’s so important an issue. The rule of go to school, get a college education, then go get a good job is dead. Yes I said it. It’s dead, gone, buried, however you want to put it, stick a fork in it because it’s done.  (did I say that it’s dead?)

Let’s get one thing clear before the emails come rolling in, I did not say college is dead. What I am saying is unless you need that degree as a prerequisite to obtain a license in your career of choice or the kids, you had better think long and hard before you shell out 100K or more for that school little Bobby or Julie is thinking about going to.

After all, it sure seems like all the wicked smart people who are always quoted on TV or in the newspapers are exactly the ones who said they can fix things but left as quick as they came only to return to school, and do what? Yep,you guessed it, teach!

I find the irony just spectacular in the old adage..“Those who can’t do,.. teach!”  And yes by the way, it’s one of the only Alma maters I myself am a member of. And what is one of the most coveted benefits of being part of this elite fraternal group?

Never having to attend a 25 year reunion!


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