From Vacations to Turmoil…Now What?

Labor Day goes out with a bang, and the work week starts out with a boom that rivals most July 4th celebrations. Some are returning from sand filled beaches, and rolling waves only to feel they’ve stepped in quicksand surrounded by rising seas tormented by Neptune himself. “Hey it’s great to be back!” you’ll hear, followed by some murmuring sound that resembles someone driving on a flat tire. My advice? Don’t fight it, embrace it.

Yes I understand how much it stinks coming back from vacation to a stack of papers or reports. Yes I know the feeling of thinking “Was it worth it? I’m so far behind now!” Or even the dreaded “You’ve got to be kidding me, they did what while I was gone?” (That was always my favorite.) But now there’s really only one thing to do. Fix it.

Embrace the fact that you’re needed. That’s probably the reason there’s turmoil. Use the opportunity to analyze where you need to delegate more. Maybe you’re allowing people to rely too much on you. Maybe you need to empower more of your staff. Maybe you can use this time to clear out customers that are no longer profitable, but are just high maintenance. You get the idea. If you’re returning to an overload of problems instead of just a getting back up to speed,  you need to take a hard look at the what, why, and how of these things.

Use the opportunity to jettison these toxic variables, and send them on a permanent vacation themselves so you can get back to work, and enjoy yourself again. Work might not be easy at times, but it shouldn’t feel like after vacation you’re returning to the dungeon either. After all, you have the keys.


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