Can We Talk?

I love that line from Joan Rivers because of what it really implied. Can we be honest here, and cut with some of the BS?

I hear over, and over again from sources everywhere on how so many college educated people are disenfranchised in the employment market than ever before. I hear source after source of so-called “experts” tout statistics on how people with college educations are disproportionately out of work relative to their peers from years back. Unemployment or underemployment for anyone is a scary world. Real people have real problems. What they need is advice that is, prudent, workable, and reliable. What they don’t need are these statisticians whom glaringly use data points as a talking point to sound like they know something. As far as I’m concerned, the way they phrase their arguments, and reference their back up data, they know crap. A little blunt? Yes, but I’m sick of them, and so should you.

Over the last few decades our education system has been at the forefront of just how far we can lower the bar while letting everyone believe they raised it. You can find real reports done by credible sources that show most college grads today couldn’t pass the required high school tests of just a few decades ago. All this has done for many is to lengthen the time one can stay in school. This never showed as a problem because employment was bountiful, but when work is scarce it’s not the level of education that matters most times, it’s what you can produce. If you don’t have a track record of being a producer, or the only credentials you have are a list of degrees in “Liberal Arts” times are going to get even tougher. That sounds harsh, but it’s the truth. But no one is saying it, so I might as well step to the front and be the one. After all, that’s what I do.

Statistically, there are more college graduates than ever before. To that point you would of course have more graduates having issues than ever before, but really, so what? It’s a meaningless statistic that does nothing but allow some talking head 15 minutes of fame to fill air time while the unemployed college grad probably sits and watches nodding their head in agreement on why their plight is worse than ever. It’s all bunk.

Here’s what you might have heard had  I been on that TV panel….

Let’s go to Mark and get his view…”Well, first let me say in regards to education or degrees. If you are going to be a doctor, lawyer,architect, or some other occupation that requires a certain prerequisite level of education then you need to find a school that not only teaches, but can give you exposure into your chosen vocation while you’re learning. You can not just sit back, study, party, then think about where, or if you want to go to work right away. Those days are now long gone, and if that one point is not realized, no education will help or save you in this economy. If you don’t need a degree for your dream job, either skip the whole college thing, and  try to start working anywhere there is an opening in anything remotely related to your field or if all else fails, think on how you can start the business from scratch if necessary whether part-time or full-time. Anything, do anything, but get started now! You don’t have the luxury of time any longer. And stop listening to the people on TV telling you your plight is different from anyone elses. They’re full of BS! Get going now and take no prisoners.”

All righty then…Lets go to a commercial break!


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