You Never Know Just Whom You May Be Talking To

I’ve been both humbled, and infuriated at times when speaking with some people. Most times I’ll bet you get just as angry when someone starts talking at you with some superiority complex displayed by every word that seems to dribble from their lips. Usually this gets under ones skin because the person babbling has made no effort in finding out what you might know on any given subject they’re currently filibustering . They display with their attitude, and vernacular that they could care less, because after all, they know everything, or they’re consumed in self-importance.

The complete opposite happens when you’re more interested in what the other party might have to say or know. That is when something interesting or surprising can take place. Not only may you learn something new, you may also learn that the person you thought was just some hired help turns out to have been hired by Presidents, Kings, Queens, and a few other dignitaries that you’ve only seen on television. But that can only happen if you keep your own ego in check.

The other day I was out sight-seeing in my area. There was a building I have seen from the road that is just magnificent. It’s a public building however there are no signs or markers indicating the company or occupants within. As I drove around the lot looking for clues I spotted a man tending to the beautiful gardens at the front of the building. I went over and asked if he could tell me who occupied the building or its purpose. He graciously informed me of the occupants, then he casually pointed out the architecture styling, the reason why it was built to its proportions, and so on. It was a wonderfully explained cliff note of the building. I then commented on how wonderful the gardens looked, and asked if he services other gardens like this, or does this one take up all his time. That’s when I was just about floored. Turns out not only does he maintain this garden, but is responsible for a few others of the most renowned places in this area. Also when royalty, dignitaries, or Presidents come to the area, it is he whom gets the call when anything floral is needed. And at the personal request of some. He was soft-spoken non-braggadocios, just conversationally answering my queries as the exchange went on. On one point when I asked about if dogs can make his work tough because of what they can do to a landscape at times, he laughed and said “Oh no..I love dogs. Besides I also breed a few. Do you know President ________?” I said yes. “Well have you seen his dog _______? That’s one of my dogs.” I was flabbergasted. How interesting this conversation has been I was thinking to myself. (I don’t believe I have the right to state which President, nor the dog in case you’re wondering why the blanks.)

So next time when you think you should pan being polite or cordial to the gardener, maid, or anyone else you profile as being not worth your attention be fore warned.

They might be on a first name basis with the most powerful people on the planet.
Just saying.


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