Lessons I Learned From Running

As some of you know I’m an avid runner. I’ve been running on a consistent basis for decades now. (I just had to put that decades thing in) I was thinking the other day on how dealing with the act of running relates to life in general. Here are few things I was pondering:

  • The hardest part I’ve found about running was putting on my shoes. After that, the rest just followed.
  • Not being able to have that extra slice of pizza was harder than running.
  • Run outdoors whenever possible. Given a choice hamsters would not choose the treadmill. Keep yourself away from a cage when ever possible.
  • Run in all-weather conditions. If you wait for only perfect days, you’ll rarely ever run. Don’t wait for perfection.
  • If caught in the rain don’t get mad, you’re giving everyone else something to laugh at. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • If you notice you’re the only one running, is it because you’re that disciplined, or maybe you haven’t seen the crowd that runs while you’re in the shower. Don’t just assume it’s only you doing something.
  • Sometimes running too slow will give you more aches, and pains than running faster. Discomfort might be happening because your holding back.
  • Running uphill can be easier on the joints than running downhill because you are more in control going up. Beware allowing gravity to do your work for you. It can be a double-edged sword.
  • Get hydrated before you start a run as well as after. If you try while you’re running it’ll be too late. Preparation helps avoid pain.
  • If your going to be a dedicated runner, forget trying to buy shoes on the cheap. There are times when you have to bite bullets, and buy the best regardless of how much it goes against your wallet.
  • Ask questions of people who run, and are dedicated just like you. Chances are you’ll both learn something you didn’t know before because both of you want to become even better.
  • Always carry protection. You may know every dog in the neighborhood, but you might not know his new friend. You never know who’ll meet.
  • Not all aches, and pains need to be treated the same. Don’t use them as an excuse as to not do something you know you can.
  • One pass time can give way to another, and at the same time. I never liked reading fiction, but I now have listened to more fiction audiobooks than I have read Non-Fiction in the past year. You can always mix things up, and open new doors.
  • The people who beep at you are not saying hi, they’re trying to see if they can startle you and make you trip. Stupid is, as stupid does.

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