The Assumptions of Assumed Perfection

Saying that today’s world is far different from yesterdays is not only obvious, it’s an understatement. But what I see as strikingly obvious is how so many take the attitude that everything today, no matter what it is will work perfectly all the time, anywhere. I’m not just talking about technology, or if you have a dropped call. I mean everything.

It was not that long ago if you were taking a road trip by car you would do a full inspection checking tires, making sure the spare was usable, the oil, and everything else that would top any one of today’s service calls. You could never assume that help was just a phone call away because it wasn’t. Usually, there were no phones. Having an array of tools for either your house, or apartment was also just a given. If something broke (and it usually happened in the dead of night) you had to try to fix it with what you had on hand. There were hardware stores of course, but there wasn’t a 24 hour home improvement center, or Walmart® to run to.

I know people today that will get in their car and drive 100 miles in the winter, and have nothing more than a sweater with them. When questioned, the response usually goes something like… “The coat’s too heavy to wear on such a long drive, I want to be comfortable, besides the car has a heater you know.” Yes it does. As long as the car doesn’t stop running for any reason, or you get stuck somewhere. And what happens if you have to walk somewhere to find help? That “comfort” feeling will be long gone as soon as you start. Today, many will hop in a car to drive cross-country, and not even give a second thought to having any troubles on the road. People just assume everything, everywhere will work with no hiccups. You can also see this when you travel by air. Just look at how many people you’ll see either boarding, or disembarking from an air plane in tongs, or some form of flip-flops. You might say, “Oh well it’s so much easier going through security.” I’ll grant you that, but you are traveling on something that can have problems, very big problems. I’ll venture to say as you’re trying to make sure your fashion wear stays on your feet, the people who have on shoes will be vaulting over you as you’re looking for the one that fell off.

Everything we buy, touch, or use today has this implied assumed perfection built into it. Sometimes it all works as promised, but when it doesn’t it can be a little more unsettling than just an inconvenience. You can have very big problems.

You can’t carry a rescue bag with you everywhere you go. Nor can you have a perfect plan for every emergency. But what you can do is remember things break, and usually break at the most inopportune times. If you just get that thought back into your lexicon, I feel you’ll be prepared more than most. You’ll intuitively make sure you have something you may rely on for getting you out of trouble.

Even if that something, is yourself.


© 2011 Mark St.Cyr   All Rights reserved