Adventures in Stupidity, Better Know as Advertising

As one of my favorite comedians Joan Rivers would say...”Can we talk?”

Lately I’ve noticed a commercial playing on the financial news channels, and every time I see it I shake my head and think...”Who decided this was a good use of resources?” Or better yet, what “committee?”  These commercials are in a heavier rotation on cable than a Lady Gaga song is on the radio. The only difference for the rotation is people want to hear Ms. Gaga. These commercials get so much air time because there is more free time available than paying advertisers, but that’s another column.

I don’t want to embarrass the company by naming them, nor am I making a statement on how I feel about one side or the other. This is about what I see as just foolish. Or spending dollars on advertising to customers that hate you. Think I’m kidding?

The commercial tries to be high brow. It shows the “Big Company” telling its story on how they are doing this or that, and why you should be impressed. In a split screen shot, it shows what you are to take as a customer making statements on how, and what the company needs to do with its resources, money, and development of products that would put the company out of business if it did. Oh yes. it sounds like someone might have a point, but they don’t. The reason…If the so-called customer portrayed in the commercial had their way, they would put the company out of business, and cheer about it. You don’t have to take my word for it, all you have to do is listen to the wonderful dialogue some writer drafted up. It goes something like this (warning the words have been changed to protect someones job, though I would fire them myself.) “I think the big stone companies should start making plastic pebbles because once you crush stone you can’t put them back together.” then the Big Company comes on and says..”Well we’ve created more rock than anyone else since the big bang, and we’re creating more everyday.” only to hear the other side state something on the idea of, “What do they do with the money they make from stone…We need that money.” only to hear some diatribe about how the big stone company reinvested in the community. All I know is please make this foolishness stop!

The customer that the company is trying to win over hates their company, what they stand for, and buys their product only because they have to. If they didn’t there would be no amount of money you could spend to convince them your nice, and friendly. It’s a pathetic waste of time, resources, and capital. If you’re going to spend money on advertising why not spend it on your true customers, like the customers that buy your product, or the customers that buy your competitor’s product. Ge’ez who’d a thunk it?

You will never change a customer’s mind that can’t stand you or your business. But you just might get the customers who enjoy the benefits of your products to help in changing their minds if it can be changed at all. But you first have to get rid of the committee that thinks it’s a good idea to neglect your paying customers, for customers that want you to pay them for not using your products.

Maybe the advertising committee needs to see a commercial about a more important renewable resource…Happy paying customers.


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