Don’t Worry I’m a Professional

I remember when “Don’t worry, I’m a professional” was everywhere. It was a catch phrase in movies, and was even cited by others like the plumber right before he was about to cut a 3 foot trough out of your kitchen floor. It was said to ease your concern. You know, that look of concern you give that says… “Are you serious?”  (for some there maybe a few colorful adjectives thrown in also.) But it was all in all meant to show there wasn’t a need for worry because of their expertise in such matters. However there is another professional but they want the exact opposite effect for you. They are the “It’ll never work” crowd.

You might think this group does it more as a hobby, or some might say a blood sport, but you would be incorrect in those assumptions. Oh yes, there might be a few, (family members fit into this category) but the vast majority are at every pay scale in business. More often than not they’ll be right along side you because many will either be people you work with, or just associate with. And as you climb up the ladder the faces may change, but their job description won’t. It seems they can work in any given occupation because when it comes to reinventing a program, changing protocols for efficiency, or looking at new ways to do just about anything, the first words out of their mouths are “It’ll never work.”  And as long as they are able to collect their pay check on Friday it can be chalked up to another job well done by this group. These people are paid professionals and they take their job very serious. Think I’m kidding? How well have you done in trying to change their viewpoints? How well did you do in defense of your idea so that one changed and stated  “Hey! That’s fantastic! Lets do it right now!” Not too often would be my first guess. But lest we forget, we are dealing with professionals here.

There is a key defense for the person who is surrounded by this seemingly endless onslaught of professionals. Don’t listen to them and start making plans today to bring your thoughts and visions to light. You may need to change jobs. You might need to move. You’ll have to consider if hanging out with the same crowd is helping or hurting regardless of the years in association. These are choices only you can decide to act on, but they are your choices none the less. If you want to make the world pay off on your terms, (and you can!) then it’s your job to not take their advice and do it any way.

You can trust this information is sound. After all, I’m a professional.


© 2011 Mark St.Cyr  All Rights Reserved