Didn’t I move here for the weather?

As some of you know I moved from New England a few years back, and relocated in Kentucky. Anyone who asks us why we picked KY is stunned at the answer I give, “Basically, we threw a dart at the map.” Sounds made up, but trust me it’s the truth.

Weather is usually the main reason some people move I believe. Especially if you lived your life with snow. Snow is a beautiful, wonderful experience. I have had the pleasure of having my wife’s family on a holiday who have never in their life seen snow. ( They’re from Costa Rica) It’s amazing how grown adults can become almost childlike when a thick white blanket of powdery snow falls for hours. It truly is a sight to behold. But when the festivities are over, and its time to break out the shovels, snow blower, ice pick, rock salt, hook up the plow, clear paths for the cars, mailman, garbage men, meter readers, and so-forth. It gets old fast because just after you’re done, it either snows again the next day or the city plows come every hour like clock work to block your driveway once again with snow you swear they imported from another street just to tick you off. Anyone who has dealt with it are reading this and nodding thinking “yep!” So you decide enough is enough, and off you go for greener pastures…literally!

When we originally moved here the weather was better than we ever expected. It was warm during the day in March, and we didn’t even need to turn our heat on until almost Thanksgiving. For us our previous normal was…Quick..it’s Memorial Day you can leave the parka at home for 10 weeks till Labor Day. And so went the cycle again of another 42 weeks of cold, snow, rinse, repeat. But a funny thing has happened since we’ve moved. The beautiful weather we enjoyed our first year has turned into what one can only describe as Geeeeeeeeeez! What’s up with this?

Over the last couple of years we have had record freezing temperatures. We have also had unprecedented ice storms, drought, record rainfall, tornadoes. and a slew of other weather phenom I believe I’ll need a meteorologist degree to explain. Just in the past 2 weeks our weather emergency radio has gone off more times than our alarm clock. Yesterday we had our 346th severe warning alert for this year. Need I remind anyone its only May! Last week my wife and I watched the forming of a tornado that was approximately no further away then a 1/4 mile. For all intents and purposes to us it looked like it was across the street. What amazed us both as we were readying ourselves to run for the basement was how still and quiet everything was. Luckily it never touched down, but if you’ve never seen it first hand, words can’t describe the sight nor the feeling we had standing there. Something I hope never to see again. All that said I still wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Weather patterns change, then they change again. At least for us most snow storms here are 3 inches, and time after time it put the locals into a panic. Being from New England, that doesn’t even qualify for gloves.

Shoveling, plowing, keeping paths clear now a days? No thanks, I’ll take rain, wind, ice and a maintenance crew on call any day thank you very much!


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Just to give you an idea of what I mean……

This picture was taken the day I left my hometown in April. Just 2 day later I was in 83 degree weather signing on my new residence.
This picture was taken the day I left my hometown in April. Just 2 days later I was in 82 degree weather signing on my new residence.Snow can beautiful, or a pain, need I say more?