Fine Print, Bold Print, seems Nobody Reads Either

It seems you can’t look at an ad on TV or some advertisement anywhere without the proverbial “fine print.” But honestly, does anyone really care? No matter what you write, no matter how detailed you structure the information, people don’t care. You the company might care. You that hired the legal team to make sure you crossed every t, and dotted every i might care. But as far as your customer, the consumer of your goods. Forgetaboutit! It’s going to be sue first, maybe read it later. That’s what the lawyers are there for, regardless of how seemingly explicit you were in your cautioning.

If you’ve watched television of late, you can’t go 5 minutes without some drug company commercial telling you the wonderful benefits of their so-called miracle cure, followed by just as much time dedicated to listing all the hazards. If you listen they basically state, you can DIE, Grow Arms on the bottom of your feet, or something akin to contracting 22 other ailments by curing the one you’ve got! All this while butterflies, and smiling faces of happy people abound on the screen. Is that really all it takes these days to distract the American public? Maybe we really are in trouble.

Years back you were always warned “Beware of the fine print!” But that seems to no longer matter for any transaction. Is it because we’ve become desensitized to the warnings, the labels, the statements? Or is it because we don’t care, and assume we now have the equivalent of a lottery ticket? No matter what the labeling, if something goes wrong, we’re getting the lawyer. If we spill something hot on ourselves it’s because I wasn’t warned hot means HOT! If we decide we don’t want the cautions to apply to us, then we will just ignore them. But if our self-induced ignorance results in the injuring of ourselves then we’ll claim “Where was the warning saying, not to ignore the warning?” Sounds crazy right? Think about it a  little more is all I can say.

Oh, by the way…“The views expressed by the author, are possibly not the actual authors unless they deem to have merit. If the have no merit, and fail to show any true thought process, than the views were from someone else that we may or may not know. If reading this copy results in making you look good, or look bad. Only contact us if you want to send a check. Not responsible for any strange growths, thoughts, or anything else that can be attributed on the planet Earth. All interstellar warnings also apply. See store for details. One per customer. Other conditions, and rules may apply. See Enclosed disclaimers!


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