The Death March of the Debate Teams

I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little tired of the assaults on reason by what I like to call “The Debate Team.” More, and more these armchair quarterbacks who can do nothing more than verbally contort statements, facts, or data points act as if they are superior because of their verbal jujitsu skills. What they’re superior at doing is doing nothing while allowing themselves at any time to be able to take credit if there is any to be had while skirting blame if things don’t go their way. I have dealt with this adversary all my career, and I bet a lot of you have also. However I have what I believe will be good news to many, but not so much for the debate crowd. Their time has passed.

In good times the debate crowd wins favor everywhere. Unlike most they require the luxury of sitting back watching, and planning so at just the right moment they can intercede with all the fury they can muster into any situation spouting theoretical statements or ideas that are just vague enough to never be wrong, or cloaked with enough superficial hypotheses that if there will be a shred of credit to be had, they’ll get it. It works for a while when everything is rosy, not so much when the wheels are coming of the wagon.

In times of crisis or situations that demands action, the so-called debaters find themselves in very troubled waters. They don’t understand why others no longer look on their verbal skills with reverence. They look like deer in the headlights when asked to be specific. They just don’t understand why their arsenal of very expensive words, and phrases have no effect. Imagine their horror when realizing after marching all that way their weapon of choice is now as useless as a rifle with no bullets. I can’t help but think “Welcome back to the real world.”

The damage this army of mouths inflicts on unsuspecting businesses, and everything else under the sun can be tremendous. However there is a light in the proverbial tunnel. The rise of the DO’er! Yes my friends, your time has once again been placed squarely in front of you if you wish to enlist. Action is the word of the day. Doing, moving, selling, fixing, are what’s going to win this battle. You needn’t wait for marching orders, you create them yourself. The enemy of doing is on the ropes, and you can win back the higher ground by solving, and creating.

Personally, I love the smell of opportunity in the morning!



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